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    Date: 11/7/2023, Categories: Diary Author: Keven-Jeanne Bardot, Source: sexstories.com

    My name is Keven Bardot and, yes, I am a Sissy! When I was a teen I put on my mom's panties and some of her lipstick when she was out. I had longish blonde hair and I ruffled it up - kind of teased it up - and when I looked in her dresser mirror, I almost ejaculated. Because what I saw looking back at me was not a skinny excuse for a male. What I saw was an extremely sexy looking girlie-girl - and it was me! I went to mom's closet and picked out a pair of her high heels, stepped into them, and walked to the full length mirror in the hallway. When I saw myself in the full length - a woman with a hard on - then I did cum. I was immediately ashamed, and couldn't wipe the red lipstick off my mouth fast enough.
    That was the first time I stepped over the line. But definitely not the last. I had always been hypersexual; I used to get a hard on thinking about this one girl in my class. I imagined her naked and I was chasing her and whipping her. I should note that I was not like most of the guys of my age, in that I was very much a born sissy. I loathed any sort of athletic sports, for example, and I was afraid of my peers because I had no real physical strength, was uncoordinated, and could not fight. I was bright enough, however, to understand that being a sissy in the world in which I found myself, was completely unacceptable. I had a real sense of shame and embarrassment. So I went to great lengths to fake it; I didn't play with girls, for example, and I avoided situations that would put myself in the spotlight.
    Being a weakling, I learned to be a good manipulator. I managed to make it through my youth by keeping a low profile. So when I began masturbating several times a day, I figured I was normal enough. After all, I was extremely attracted by the sight of the naked women in the sex magazines that I used as a visual aid, so I assumed that I must be normal.
    I had heard about queers. Everybody I knew hated queers. The last thing anyone in my circle wanted was to be thought of as a queer! There were queers in San Francisco, some of whom dressed and behaved like women. I was told that the queers had bars and clubs where they hung out. These were revolting people to the people I knew.. So when I found myself in front of that full length mirror, wearing my mother's high heels, panties and lipstick, I was revolted with myself.
    It was around that time that my cousin and I were taking a shortcut through the woods. As we rounded a bend in the path we came upon a guy of around our own age, sitting on a large boulder, completely naked. We walked on in stunned silence until we heard him call out: "Do you want a blowjob?"
    I was enraged. This was an affront to my maleness. I told my cousin that we should go back and give this nymph a beating. We ran back to the boulder but the nymph had disappeared. My cousin and I resumed our journey, speaking in tones of outrage as to what we would do if we ever saw that "faggot" again.
    A few days later I ...