1. Charleston Convenience Store Girl

    Date: 11/17/2023, Categories: Diary Author: Max.Perv, Source: sexstories.com

    TITLE: Charleston Girl
    I met a 24 year old in Charleston WV, there was a Convenience Store just behind the Motel where I always stayed, I was going to be there all week, I got in Monday afternoon and then walked over to get a coffee, this young girl was behind the counter, her name was Trudie.... I got my coffee and a snack cake. It was strangely quiet for this time of day. I made small talk and paid for my items. I went back to the motel, I got on line to see if I could maybe find something on Yahoo Chat locally, maybe find a young guy that wanted some attention, The time seemed to fly while I was surfing and chatting, sending messages waiting for replies. I had the TV on for background noise but was not watching it. I looked at the clock on my computer and it said 8:45... shit I had been surfing for almost 3 hours... still no takers. I thought I'd go get a sandwich and maybe pick up a 6 pack and some chips. I went back to the Convenience Store, I walked in and Trudie was still there, I said hi Trudie, she did a double take like who are you... then she said Oh hi... didn't realize who it was calling my name.... I said well we only met 4 hours ago... I walked over and said how late you work? She said I get off at 10:00 why you ask? I said I was just curious. She said you got big plans for the night? I said not really, going to get a sub and some chips and Beer.
    She said so you traveling? I said yep I am in town for the week for my job, She wanted to know what I did and I explained. I said I usually go out to eat but time got away from me and I do not want to go out this late... especially by myself. She said well if you want to go out tomorrow evening and want company I only work until 6 tomorrow. I said so what kind of food do you like? She said most anything really, I said you like a good Steak? She said sure, it's been a while since I had Steak. I said got a piece of paper... she said her, and handed me a Pen too... I wrote my name on it and my room number at the motel, this was back in 1995, cell phone cost a fortune especially when roaming, so I did not give out my cell number. She asked are you traveling alone? I said yep just me, why? She said so you have a motel room and you are alone? I said yep spent the last 3 hours trying to find something or someone... she said if you want I could come over. She said we could have a few beers, maybe watch a movie who knows, I said you know I am old enough to be your dad right, she said I am okay with that if you are.
    She said your age is no problem as long as you treat me okay, I said that will not be a problem I can assure you. I said well come on over when you get off work, I'll be there, I get the beer in the fridge. I paid for the items and wen back. It was almost 9:30 so not long now, I was hungry but did not know if Trudie would be hungry so I just waited. About 10:10 there was a knock on the door, it was her.... I said come on in, She said this is a big room, I said I always get a ...