1. First time on camera…

    Date: 11/17/2023, Categories: Diary Teen Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Cheekygrin76, Source: sexstories.com

    First time on camera…
    The last week of the term was finally over.. No more study, no more exams, I felt so relieved it was over i slung my bag in the corner of my room, sat on the couch and kicked off my shoes. Fucks me what the holidays have in store, but I don’t even care, relaxation would be enough..
    My family can’t afford to go away on holidays, my foster Mum works constantly and rarely has a day off, so it would be up to me to make my own fun..
    I have lived with Janet, my 38 yr old surrogate mother for going on three years now, after my real Dad kicked me out of home at age 14 for being “to much for him” anyway, fuck him..
    My girlfriends name is Becky, she’s 16 too and is also fostered by a couple up the road. They’re good to Bec, and like me, so most of the time Bec and I will be at one place or the other..
    Bringing us back to today.. Bec barges through the door without knocking, throws her bag on top of mine and heads straight to the computer..
    Ahhh, Hi babe, so, how was your day? Mine was ok……
    Awwww sorry baby, but I know how your day was, like mine, finally over.. haha
    I had to smile.. Yeah true, you got me, so what have you got to show me…
    You be patient, she said.
    I looked up at the 60inch tv on the wall, that acts as our monitor and saw nothing but a blank screen..
    I don’t see..
    Hang on a minute Bec whined while rummaging through my desk draw.. she found my go pro I used for surfing and switched it on..
    Now, you just keep your eyes on the screen… don’t look at me, just the screen. And no touching Ok?
    Sure, sure whatever you say..
    I felt hands on my belt buckle and looked down..
    What did I just say?.
    Shit, yep, sorry.. I fumbled
    I feel Bec tugging at my pants.. I go to ask if I can help and think better of it, keep my mouth shut and watch the screen…
    My pants and underwear are pulled down to my ankles and I silently lift one foot then the other and kick them off my feet..
    I’m standing there naked from the waist down, staring at a blank screen.. I can hear Bec doing something… there’s a flicker on the screen, then I see Bec come into focus.. Well, I see Becs face smiling, then a finger go to her mouth..
    Her face goes out of view, she must’ve put the camera on the ground ad straddled it, because the next thing to come into view is Becs freshly waxed pussy, I stare at the screen and see her finger start lightly rubbing up and down her slit before her lips start to part.. she traces circles around her clit and soon one finger becomes two and three.. She one handedly opens her slit and starts tapping her clit with her middle finger until I see it swell, now she is sliding that finger up and down her pussy, juices now starting to seep out and cover her finger, then fingers, then slide inside her..
    I’m mesmerised until I hear her moan, bringing me back to the moment..I hear her breath getting deeper, and muffled moans, like she’s trying not to.. Then I realise my cock is rock ...