1. A Simpleton Becomes Business Women -24

    Date: 11/18/2023, Categories: Diary Straight Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Water Sports / Pissing, Author: aamir Hyderabad, Source: sexstories.com

    A Simpleton Becomes Business Women -24
    Visit to village fair - A childless married women journey to become a business woman in her quest to get her own child containing adult content.
    This is a story of a woman Zeenat who told me this story when I met her in the course of her business and with some added imagination, a combination of reality and fantasy which contains adult content including prostitution, exploitation, virginity, voyeurism, exhibitionism, CFNM, masturbation, consumption of alcohol, public sex, vaginal fingering, cum eating, anal sex , and hand-jobs.etc
    Woman around 27 years old. Married childless after 6 years of marriage. She and her husband were trying their best for a child with their full force But still she has not been able to become a mother .
    Then she tried with her old boy friend and then with Mr Vijay Kumar to have a child but all her efforts were fruitless as ever. Then she went to Her sister who was blessed with a baby girl to assist her in raising her baby.
    In her quest to have her own child she visits a ashram to take a special treatment. She was given Diksha and named Maya after Diksha.
    In Part 23 you Read
    Maya tied to behave with Uday very normally as if she paid no attention to his naughtiness in the ornament shop and took it as being unintentional. Uday was also trying to gauge her reaction to his advances and seeing apparently no resistance made further moves.
    Uday: Madam, these village people are not cultured, just be alert.
    Maya: Yes that I can see, the way they are pushing around.
    Uday: Madam, do one thing, instead of holding her hand and walking behind me, you come by her side and then I can in fact protect you also.
    Now further
    Maya thought that was a good idea, she nodded to him, and came to his right side. Uday indeed had some other plans. She noticed that he put his arm on her right shoulder right away pretending to protect me from the crowd coming from opposite direction. Her whole body was now almost touching his masculine torso as she walked. In no time she realized what he is up to. Uday now was embracing me over her shoulder with his right hand, which was now only an inch away from touching her breast, acting as if he protecting me from incoming people. And from each impact of the passing man, he took full advantage and began touching and feeling her heaving breast.
    In a jiffy before Maya could say or do anything Uday was cupping her right breast again! This time he seemed very confident and turned her instantly on fire as he was resting his fingers on her boob as they walked. She looked down at her breast shamefully to find his fingers acting almost as another layer over her blouse. As the pushing was more now, Uday made the most of it and was virtually massaging her conical peak in his right palm. She was getting adequately aroused now due to this continuous male touching, holding, and squeezing of her youthful boob. This went on for some minutes ...