1. New Jock Tales--Chptr 2---Pony Party

    Date: 11/20/2023, Categories: Diary Teen Drug, Gay Masturbation / Toys Author: DiamondDawgDillon, Source: sexstories.com

    New Jock Tales—Chptr 2---PONY PARTY
    “Jesus Fuckin Christ Dillon---where you learn to fight like that ?”
    “LOL, my dad. He started teachin me shit a couple of years ago. Then I started boxing last year---won my first match, got my silver gloves” As I pointed above my bed at my prized possession, I went over to the mini fridge to fish out some beers. Four of the guys plus Ricky, the bat b o y had showed up from the invite earlier that day. Couple of the guys had argued that the bat b o y wasn't part of the team, that he was just a little k I d. But I insisted that yes he was, he did his job with great enthusiasm, and it made him feel like a 'big dog' to be around us.
    “So Matt” started Benji Mattox “I liked to lost my shit dude when you made Bradly suck your dick, dude. I just couldn't fuckin believe it”. “Ya” I respond with a grin, “I guess it was pretty ballsy. It's like, once I get an idea in my head---it's happening. And Cheers to Kelso for jumpin in there and helpin out !” Couple of cheers and whistles, and high fives spread around the room. Ricky, the bat boy, was just kinda sittin around, timid like. Not sure yet why he wanted to come, but I thought it was kool that he did. But I had noticed one day he had a few hairs now on his lower legs. Once they got hair around their dick, they old enuff to learn to suck dick :)
    As I sit down at the coffee table and start to roll up a joint, Kelso speaks up next “Damm Dillon, how you get this shit man ?” “Oh, I got some friends—I can get all I want. But dudes, we got to be kool, and on the down low---just one beer, and we share the joint. Do not want to get caught, specially being on the team. And I got mouthwash and pit wipe for when you guys get ready to leave. Benji jumps up and points towards the stereo, and I nod yes. Bradly speaks up and says “well dudes, Im not sure I need to be hear” I look over at him and tell him “Look Bradly, you was an ass-hole, and we ain't tolerating that shit on this team. No bullies either. Now, you got your punishment, so get over it. You can party with us, or you can leave. But if you stay, then hit this joint and chill out”. With that I fire it up, and hand it off to Bradly. He takes a slow light pull on the joint, then hands it off to Kelso.
    As the joint makes it's rounds, I stand up and walk over to Ricky. Smiling, I hand my beer to him, and he shakes his head back and forth. “Do it dude—just take a sip” Nervously, he takes the can, and turns up a small sip. His face sours, and we all chuckle at him. As he starts to hand it back to me, I just say “naa lil dude—one more-- take you a chug” Ricky does as I 'ordered' and swallows down one drink of the beer. His face sours again, but as he wiped his mouth on his tee shirt sleeve, a grin comes across his face. You could see it in his eyes---hangin wit the big dawgs. S0—was I a corrupter ? Ya, I guess so, but I wanted all my buds to be ahead of the game, not left behind, classified as wooses or ...