1. Me and my cousin

    Date: 11/21/2023, Categories: True Stories First Time Author: Onlytrue, Source: sexstories.com

    I was staying with my older cousin, I always hung out with him, and he showed me everything from how to talk to girls, smoking weed, how to dress, and a bunch more about life... I trusted him with anything and we were 100% open with each other so of course sex was something we talked about too, how to do it and make sure the girl was feeling it, so maybe for a better example, or just cause we were both getting worked up talking about all this he showed me some porn. Funny enough XNXX was the first site he showed me and he said he trusts this one unlike some of the others that might give you viruses on your PC, anyways we're watching this video and it's just any other plain old porno... he asks if I want to jack off to it and I was pretty damn worked up so I said yea we both pulled out our dicks and started wacking away! Lol
    Now that was the start of it, and we did it a couple other times but one time I guess he was a little more worked up than others, "do you want to try and jack each other off?" Chris asked. "I'd be down if you think we should" I replied we were sitting side by side and I wrapped my hand around his hard cock, it was so warm in my hand and throbbed as i pulled his foreskin back revealing the head, he grabbed mine and it sent shivers through my body, it almost tickled as he pulled my skin back and we both started pulling up and down on our hard dicks, I was focused on hoping i was doing it right and before I knew it I felt his dick harden even more with a strong pulse from his shaft as a squirt of hot cum shot from his erect penis it landed on his leg and then oozed out onto my hand as I slowly worked the last little spurts out of his dick. He then started going faster on my dick and I ended cumming all over his hand too..." Alright, that was pretty nice but we should only do that if we're super horny " he said as we were cleaning ourselves up "yea I agree Haha" I said back.
    We kinda just went back to normal after that for a while at least we would watch porn and just jack off ourselves and never really did that again.... until one day I was spending the night at his place again and I guess he was worked up... ,"Hey remember when we jacked each other off?" Chris asked me as we were getting ready to masturbate to some more porn ,"Yea, why did you want to do that again?" I asked almost eager to try it again ,"Yea, I've just been so fuckin horny recently I dont know why." So we both already had our dicks out the same thing side by side I wrapped my hand around his pole and he started on me too and it felt good, the porno was good ,"Are you down to suck it?" He asked... The question caught me by surprise I'm not gay (no offense) at least not 100% I have to admit though the smell of his balls smelled kinda good to me and Idk I was pretty down in that moment "Yea if you want me too," I replied as he let go of my dick ,"let's move to the bed then." He said and we both moved over to his bed ,he laid back, I was by his knees with my ...