1. Working With Walker Pt. 3

    Date: 11/24/2023, Categories: True Stories Oral Sex / Blowjob Gay Author: WillSuckYou, Source: sexstories.com

    The door swings open as Tyler comes in, still dressed in his work clothes. Walker and I freeze momentarily. Is he going to call us out now? Would he be mad? Or happy? Or possibly intrigued? We look up from playing Xbox, waiting for his response.
    "Hey." Was all Tyler said. So far…..so good?
    "Hey, Ty." Walker responded. I just gave him a nod. "Guess you worked this morning?"
    "Yeah, I was with Mike last night. He said he couldn't make it in to work today and asked if I could come in to open for him. I would've said no since it was already late at the time, but I need the money."
    Mike was another co-worker at the theater. I didn't talk to him as much as I did with Walker and Tyler, but he seemed cool.
    "Gotcha." I responded. "Did you stop by this morning before work? I crashed here after we got in last night. I don't think either of us heard you." I was trying to be subtle. Nailed it.
    "Nahh, I just slept over at Mike's and went straight to the theater this morning. He let me borrow a pair of his work clothes so I didn't have to drive all the way out here before work."
    Once he said that, I felt relief. He didn't see me and Walker. We were in the clear! I glance at Walker and he seems to be feeling the same way I am. I could see his body relax and let's out a soft smile.
    We focus back on Tyler. He says he's gonna change his clothes, eat, then he'll join us. Now that Walker and I have one less thing to worry about, we can really enjoy ourselves.
    Walker and I resume playing games. Tyler came back wearing loose basketball shorts and a T-shirt. After he eats something from the kitchen, he comes into the living room and sits next to me on the small couch. Walker is in the recliner next to the couch. Once he gets situated, we turn off the Xbox and just switch to a movie we can all enjoy.
    We were only about 10 minutes into the movie when Tyler asked, "So what did you two do last night?"
    My eyes grew wide. He did say he didn't come come before work, right? Was he lying before? Is he toying with us? My mind races, but I try to shrug it off quickly. I try to convince myself he's just innocently asking what we were up to.
    Walker didn't respond. I'm guessing he was having the same thoughts I was and is feeling anxious. So I responded, "I took him to a party with some friends of mine. He got pretty drunk by the end of the night, so I took him home. We hung out and had a few more beers here. I didn't want to drive home, so I just crashed here. Now we've just been chilling here until you got home."
    Tyler nodded, "Sounds fun." It was the truth, but without some small, albeit important, details about the night and morning.
    "What about you, Ty? What did you get up to last night?"
    "Just hanging out with Mike again. Trying to close the deal." He laughed a little at that last part.
    I was a little surprised to hear Mike was gay too. Maybe it was just because I didn't know him that well. Or at least not as well as Walker and ...