1. Sexy Wife Displays

    Date: 11/24/2023, Categories: True Stories Cuckold Voyeur / Exhibitionism Mature / Older Wife / MILF Author: maxam, Source: sexstories.com

    Young Wife Displays herself. Voyeur, fm, cuckold, public, older man
    It all started one Tuesday when my wife, Mary and I were in a downtown department store meeting for a late lunch. My office was nearby and she wanted to shop a bit afterward. The cafeteria was on the top 6th floor behind the furniture department. A pleasant time and a good lunch.
    Until I noticed Mary was kind of distracted.
    She seemed to be watching someone at another table behind me. When I finally stole a look, I saw that it was an older man and paid little attention, thought she couldn't be flirting with him. But I noticed Mary arching sometimes and she seemed to be displaying her large tits for the old guy. Her blue sweater accenting them beautifully. I wasn’t sure if I was right or not. But I know it excited me somehow. A little pang of lust flashed through me and I had a bit of a phallic stir.
    So I left for the washroom but then peeked back across the room before I went in. Yes, Mary was now arching provocatively for the older man. While he licked his lips.
    She then seemed to angle herself on the chair and open her legs a little. I watched and realized that only he could see up her skirt. He pretended to drop a spoon and had a good look. I was further excited by this sneaky action. I returned to the table, not knowing what to do about it if anything. Mary then went to the washroom herself. She gave the old guy a subtle smile as she passed him.
    When she returned I could see she was flushed and wasn’t sure why, we resumed small talk but she was still a bit distracted, maybe preoccupied. Until she positioned herself on her chair again and opened her legs at an angle that would allow only that old guy to see up her skirt. I dropped my own napkin and quickly ducked beneath the table to retrieve it, Mary quickly closed her legs to my view, but not quick enough, I glimpsed a bit of her little hairy pussy down there and now knew why she was flushed! She had removed her panties in the washroom! She kept her sweet pussy trimmed a little with a nice fuzz of hair remaining which allowed a view of the darker slit. Very sexy to me.
    I started to erect right away and tried to hide it. With no facial expression. She slid toward the end of her chair and I KNEW she was exhibiting herself for the old man, and judging by her angle, he could see everything up her skirt without even moving. Damn, now I had to hide my erection. No one in the restaurant could see either.
    This was way too exciting and turning me on like crazy, even if it was my wife showing her lovely enticing little pussy to the old guy! And I know when she got excited from sexual activity that she became really moist and slippery down there. I wondered if he could actually see her lovely slit in the shadow. I wanted to take her somewhere and fuck her but that would have revealed my knowledge of what she was doing. This was a new aspect of my wife’s sexiness I had never contemplated before, but wow, did I ...