1. Sexy Wife Displays

    Date: 11/24/2023, Categories: True Stories Cuckold Voyeur / Exhibitionism Mature / Older Wife / MILF Author: maxam, Source: sexstories.com

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    I went back into the washroom, pretending to cough wildly. I knew she would watch me go this time so I went in but came right out and stood in the hallway, peeking around at my wife and the cafeteria which was now nearly empty, made like I was looking at my notebook.
    She now was opening her legs more and arching to show off her tits to the old guy, who was just staring, almost with his tongue hanging out. He was getting some eye candy he hadn’t imagined could be so exciting. I wondered if he had an erection like me!
    She moved a hand down under the table and touched herself. I glanced around to see if anyone else could see, but the table was against a wall and no one else could! But I knew what she was doing and could now see her hand moving on her pussy. She glanced around sometimes but no one else was interested in the lovely sexual scene taking place, even though she had tugged her skirt higher and her white legs shone for any observing eye.
    The old man was transfixed and she now even had a finger at her clit, very discreetly touching it. Moving her hand slightly to rub. We were both lustily watching her masturbate! In that moment of total sensuality, I was kind of wanting more guys to see this wonderful scene.
    I wondered what to do but had to go back to work. As I appeared walking toward her she closed her legs and stopped, flashing a smile at the old man. Then she looked directly at a wall clock and at her watch. I had no idea why but she seemed to be adjusting the time. It was close to 2 pm and the last diners were sparse.
    We finished our lunch and wandered off to the elevators to leave. I did notice the older guy passing us and entering a wide stairwell leading down. It was poorly lit and seemed like no one used it anymore.
    So it was a thrill for me to even partake in this little sexual episode even if from a distant view. It had set my lust going wild and when I got back to work I whacked off in the men's room! While Mary went on home.
    Things returned to normal until the following week when Mary suggested meeting me again for lunch. Then the realization struck me about her paying so much attention to the wall clock; she was establishing the time for a future reference! Very clever. And sneaky!
    Was she signaling to the old guy that this was the time she would be there again? My stomach fluttered with the thought, that if I was correct, she might like him watching her again? I waited in anticipation until Tuesday and wondered what I would do if he was there again? I loved the way she exposed herself to the old guy so sneakily and thought even if he loved watching her, he was basically harmless. Only enjoying the thrill of a younger woman showing herself off and maybe getting off while he watched.
    I thought about it all morning until lunch time. Not sure what I should do until I was on my way in the elevator to meet Mary. It was then I realized how sexy the scene had been and how I came off in seconds ...