1. Sexy Wife Displays

    Date: 11/24/2023, Categories: True Stories Cuckold Voyeur / Exhibitionism Mature / Older Wife / MILF Author: maxam, Source: sexstories.com

    ... back at my office. I had been filled with lust and loved it. I would make my decision on the spur of the moment in the cafeteria and what I saw then. But yes, I was hoping for a continuation of that scene.
    I could peer into the cafeteria from out in the furniture department and Mary was already there, sitting at the same table. She had suggested a later time for lunch and again, the crowd had mostly left and there were only a few lingerers left. But one of them was the same old guy from last week. Sitting exactly at the same table.
    As I went in I noticed that Mary was this time wearing a short skirt and blouse instead of the blue sweater. And the top two buttons were undone! Was I imagining all this? No, she looked sexy as hell with the enticing swell of her wonderful breasts showing in the loose top. I went to her and explained that I couldn't stay for lunch because I had to meet a colleague back at the office. At the same time my heart leaped because I thought I saw that under the blouse Mary had no bra on at all! It was not obvious right away because she wore an open cardigan over the blouse.
    Mary seemed disappointed but said she'd stay and have her lunch anyway. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said it was too bad. Even as I said it I could feel my cock swelling. I left the cafeteria and turned toward the elevators but then circled way around the furniture department to a point where I could see into the cafe. Standing behind some high cabinets. Again to look innocent, I fingered through my notebook as if I was checking my appointments and pretended to be talking on my cell.
    Now I could see whatever actions Mary would get up to. My heart was in my throat because of what I anticipated and because I was being so sneaky too. Mary had always been excited over public actions and we had done sex in parks, in the car, even on park benches at dusk. Even in dance clubs we had touched each other in the darkness, and she was always very turned on by it. But exposing herself in daytime in a public cafeteria was something new. And to a complete stranger!
    I watched her from afar, and could not see the old guy’s reaction, but again noticed that a third button was loose on her blouse now, revealing the white swell of her full breasts. And even from a distance away, her skirt was up high enough to show, even from this distance, the dark look of her pussy under it.
    A salesman came near so I took a soft chair and ignored him.
    The display of my wife continued and she finally finished her salad. Again when she thought no one could see, her hand dropped into the crevice of her legs and she seemed to stare directly at the old man while her hand moved stealthily. I guessed him to be in his seventies and still thought of him as harmless, and I am sure Mary did too. But she was enjoying her exhibition.
    I wanted to head for the men's room and whack off but couldn't leave my vantage point. I was transfixed by the secret display my lovely wife ...