1. Sexy Wife Displays

    Date: 11/24/2023, Categories: True Stories Cuckold Voyeur / Exhibitionism Mature / Older Wife / MILF Author: maxam, Source: sexstories.com

    ... was up to. Finally it looked like Mary was just sitting and waiting. The man got up and slowly walked out of the cafeteria. Mary stood and I ducked behind the cabinets again. Wondering what would happened. It didn’t appear that they ever spoke.
    The old guy went to the entrance to the wide stairwell beside the elevators, and went in only when Mary appeared. She watched him go to the stairs and slowly followed, glancing once around and seeing no one else, she disappeared from my view into the murky stairwell. Now I had a decision to make and my mind was a flurry of thoughts. I could not let her catch me here again but was ready with the excuse that my client had cancelled. But if I was caught in that stairwell? I walked to the stairwell entrance and cautiously looked in. The stairs angled downward between floors with a small landing at each half level. I crept to the railing and peeked cautiously downward.
    As the stairwell descended it was even darker. Still I ould see nothing. I crept down one level until I heard a scraping. Once again peeked through the railings and there, another level below, was Mary, just standing by the rail looking downward.
    My heart was pounding because of these lusty furtive actions. Mary was just leaning on the handrail staring below. She glanced back and I quickly ducked out of view. Was confused until I saw a hand appear on the same railing.
    Mary seemed to be smiling. And just stood still as the hand went to her breast and rubbed it, slipped into the open blouse and fondled her bare skin. Gawd, I was beside myself with excitement now. The old man was fondling my wife! But sheez it was so exciting! The stairs were old marble and echoed with footsteps floors below. I was now afraid my pounding heart would reverberate loudly and betray me. But my lust was so strong and I just helplessly watched. Even afraid to touch my cock for fear it would explode inside my pants!
    The old guy was two steps lower than Mary and now I could see him a bit more as he seemed to caress her softly. Mary just standing there to allow it. Then he moved closer, knelt on the stair and pulled her skirt higher until he pressed his mouth against her soft pussy. This was almost too much excitement for me as Mary just clung to the railing and actually helped him by holding up her skirt and opening her legs for him. Her tummy and legs looked so white and alluring. From my view I could see his mouth working her slit, and her eyes closed with pleasure.
    I had to adjust my own position to stop my pulse from flinging me off the landing. Mary raised one leg and the old man just clutched her rear and pulled her pussy tight to his mouth.
    I stood there watching my own wife enjoy a complete stranger licking her pussy in a public place!
    She started to move her hips as he sucked on her clit and I knew she would explode in moments. She sagged against the railing and stroked his hair until she started fucking his face in strong movements, then ...