1. After the Gym, A True Story continues

    Date: 11/26/2023, Categories: True Stories Anal Cheating Straight Sex Gay Hardcore, Author: BearInMind, Source: sexstories.com

    This Story contains man on man sexual activity. If that is not your thing, please move on to something else that you will enjoy.
    Following David to his place had my head spinning. When, not if, but when my wife found out about this, the marriage would be over. Actually I was glad at that thought. I had been through enough crap with her. I knew she would find out because I could not wait to tell her when she got back. Opening myself up sexually was liberating, and I was loving the freedom I was feeling. It would not be a messy divorce as we had no kids, just a house and cars. It would be all about the money, and I could let that go if I had to, just to be free again.
    Reality stepped back in right then as I was followed David to his front door. His ass was so sexy in those bike shorts. I was really going home with this sex god, and he was going to fuck me. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. He had his key out, and let us both in.
    “Come on in and make yourself at home Alex. Can I get you a drink or a beer,” he asked politely.
    I did not care about anything to drink, I just wanted to get his clothes off and get in his bed so he could fuck me. Stepping up behind him standing in front of the fridge I said, “No thanks, you already have what I want tonight,” as I reached around from behind, pulling down his tight shorts to reveal my prize, and grabbing his stiffening cock.
    “Well,” he said, “if that’s the way you feel about it.” He turned around, grabbed my head and pulled my lips to his and began to kiss me. It was truly an electric kiss that I felt all the way down to the tips of my toes.
    “Yes my stud that is the way I feel. I came here with you my new friend to get fucked, and I want fucked and as many of your loads in my ass as you will give me,” I said to him.
    Taking his shorts off completely and leaving them on the kitchen floor, he peeled his shirt off too. While he was doing that I was franticly removing my clothes.
    Both of us stripped naked in the kitchen in front of the frig, we began to kiss again. This time our stiff cocks were held together, David’s hand had both our cocks tightly together. His kiss was amazing. I had forgotten how good some guys were at kissing. He was an expert kisser. There was just enough tongue, but not too much. His kisses were extremely sensual.
    David sent me to the bedroom and told me to just take 2 steps into the room, and to keep my back facing the door. He would be there in just a moment. He had my curiosity up now, but I followed his instructions to the letter.
    Just a few seconds behind me, I heard him come into the room. He set something down on his night stand, and then went around lighting 4 candles in the room. He was not only sexy as fuck, but had a romantic and sensual streak in him. I was impressed thinking this could be leading somewhere very nice.
    After he had taken care of setting up the room, he told me to stand by the side of the bed and face the bed. After I did ...