1. Hotel Fantasy_(1)

    Date: 11/26/2023, Categories: True Stories Ass to Pussy, Authoritarian BDSM Oral Sex / Blowjob Consensual Sex Romance / Love Stories Author: Anon12346789, Source: sexstories.com

    We put the key in the door and unlock what is going to be our room for the next 24 hours. I pass you your bag, you thank me and your eyes linger, staring into mine a little longer and deeper than normal, you get a smirk out of me as I look right back at you. We break away and put our bags down on our own side of the bed. You feel my eyes burning into you from across the bed, you turn and look at me hoping that the look on my face means what you think it does.
    Without breaking eye contact you very slowly lean over the bed and then slide further on so that you're on your hands and knees. You crawl across the bed towards me, making sure you flick your hair back over just one shoulder so I have a clear view of your cleavage. Without any hesitation i start to undo my belt and unzip my trousers as you get to me you sit up onto your knees so your head is level with my chest. One by one you undo the buttons down my shirt, your mouth kisses my chest and stomach as you go down until you get to the last one. You push my already loose trousers to the ground to see me stood there in a pair of white Calvin Klein boxers, the sort that sit low down on the waist and leave little to the imagination because of how tight they are. While you're back down on your hands and knees you use your mouth to trace the outline of the huge bulge you can see in my boxers. You kiss and bite gently making it even bigger and harder. I have enough of this teasing and start to move my boxers down lower and lower until they are down to my thighs and you slide them down my legs and I step out of them and my trousers, you now have me stood in front of you with just an unbuttoned shirt on and my cock right in your face. You don't waist any time and you take it straight into your mouth and start to suck, you make me moan out loud at that first feeling of your lips and tongue around me. As I'm rubbing my hands through your hair while you give me a blowjob I get urges to make you choke on my cock, and I give into them forcing your head down so you take every inch in your mouth, you can feel me right at the back of your mouth, but it's still not deep enough for me. I stop you, get you back up onto your knees and rip your blouse open making the buttons scatter across the room, I put both hands on either side of your neck and give it a gentle rub only to then slide my hands to the side and remove your top. You're wearing a tight leather skirt with a zip round the back that runs all the way from top to bottom. I run my hand down your back to your bum and to the zip, I undo it slowly all the way making your skirt fall away. You're now knelt in front of me with nothing but your bra and knickers on.
    You've felt me hard against your stomach while I've been undressing you and you want it back inside your body. I push you backwards on to the bed and then I spin you round 180° so that your head is hanging off the bed right in front of my cock, I'm so close you can almost taste me. I put the tip ...