1. New Lovers - Part 3

    Date: 11/29/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: ThePhantom, Source: LushStories

    Shari's school life had changed since spending the night with Beth. In fact, her whole life had changed since that night. She no longer looked forward to flirting with a small group of boys that hung around her and her friends, just as she no longer had fantasies of being with any of them and allowing them to have their way with her. Her thoughts and desires were about being with Beth.
    Until that night, she believed herself to be a typical sixteen-year-old. It seems she was wrong. She discovered that she had deep feelings for her friend and a desire to be with her and no one else. The boys at school still asked her on dates, but she always said no. Now Shari and many of the other students knew the girls that openly admitted that they were gay and Shari checked them out when no one was watching. Attractive as they were, none of them did anything for her. There was only one girl that she longed for.
    She no longer dressed to make herself more appealing to the boys. When she dressed it was for Beth, and that meant that she began to wear skirts to school more often. They always met up and walked to school together and most of the time, Shari was silent. She was busy taking in the sight of Beth's long legs that appeared from under her short skirt. Since their first evening together, Beth began to wear skirts more often. As they walked Shari became aware that Beth's nipples became very noticeable under her blouse and the sight of them caused her own nipples to harden.
    "See what you do to me?" Beth said as she lightly ran her fingertips across her own breasts.
    "You're not alone," Shari responded.
    They didn't have too many classes together so Shari didn't see much of her during the day which enabled her to keep her lust under control, except on the days they had gym class, and then that was torture. She watched as Beth shed her clothing to don her gym uniform and the sight of Beth standing there in her bra, panties, and pantyhose was often too much to handle. Shari wanted nothing more than to take her in her arms and plant kisses on her.
    Both girls looked forward to the end of the day and their walk home together. They resisted the urge to hold hands lest someone would see them and start up the rumor machine. As they walked, Shari confessed how she felt in the girls' locker room which cause Beth to smile.
    "I have the same feelings when I see you strip down and I've had them for much longer," Beth confided.
    The girls managed to keep their desires in check until they reached Shari's house and were safely behind closed doors. The second the door was closed and their schoolbooks were deposited on the kitchen table, they flew into each other's arms and commenced kissing each other soft lips.
    The second after their lips met, they parted, and they began to suck each other's tongues and grind their bodies against each other amid moans of pleasure. When they ended the kiss, they headed to Shari's room and treated each other to a slow ...