1. Probing Ginger

    Date: 11/29/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: SapphicWriter, Source: LushStories

    Katie looked out the window of her living room, observing the storm outside. Heavy rain was falling everywhere insight as the roar of thunder could be heard in the distance.
    She was seated on a dark leather love seat next to a coffee table. Her two best friends, Ginger and Olivia, were sitting on a matching leather sofa that was perpendicular to the love seat. The three girls, each twenty-two years of age, were spending this rainy evening hanging out in Katie's lavish 12th-story condominium, in the suburbs of San Francisco. They were friends from college who had just recently graduated with matching degrees in sociology. However, neither of them had entered the working world just yet – which meant they had a lot of free time.
    There were three empty glasses of wine on the coffee table, along with a finished bottle of Merlot. The three girls were fairly buzzed, although Katie made it a point to not drink as much as the other two.
    "We've been watching way too many movies lately," said Katie, fiddling with the remote to a large black LED TV mounted on the wall.
    Katie was a gorgeous brunette with sparkling green eyes and a curvy 5'7" frame. She was wearing a green knit sweater, along with tight blue jeans. Her large, firm breasts noticeably bulged out through the sweater.
    She was the only one of the three who came from a very rich family. Her parents, both doctors, had bought her this condo several years ago when she started college.
    "Yeah, seriously," said Ginger, yawning. "Maybe there's something else we can do tonight."
    Ginger was a beautiful, curvy blonde with bright blue eyes and a vivacious smile. She was slightly shorter than Katie at 5'5", and was wearing a white button-up blouse to go along with a pair of tight, white-colored jeans.
    "Such shitty weather," remarked Olivia.
    Olivia was arguably just as pretty as the other two girls, with brown eyes and smooth dark hair. She was the tallest at 5'8", and her perfect figure was highlighted by the green, skimpy, one-piece dress that she was wearing.
    "So, what's the plan, Katie?" she asked, looking at a clock that was hanging on the wall. It was currently 10:36 p.m. "Wanna drink some more? Do you have any other alcohol besides wine?"
    "Listen, you two," said Katie suddenly, ignoring Olivia. A nervous expression crossed her face. "I actually needed to talk to you about something. That's why I called you here."
    Olivia and Ginger glanced at each other with mildly surprised expressions on their faces.
    "I thought you said you were bored and wanted to hang out at your place!" exclaimed Ginger.
    "Don't snap at her," scolded Olivia. "Go ahead, Katie. You can talk to us about anything. Is everything okay?"
    "Um, yeah, everything is fine," said Katie. "It's just – I don't really know how to say this, but...I have a confession to make." She nervously fiddled with the sleeves on her sweater.
    "A confession? About what?"
    "First promise me that you won't ...