1. Probing Ginger

    Date: 11/29/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: SapphicWriter, Source: LushStories

    ... breasts. Olivia's entire body shuddered as she expelled a stream of cum out of her pussy and directly into Ginger's open mouth. Ginger accepted the salty fluids eagerly and relished the dirty taste.
    Olivia breathed a sigh of relief as she slowly pulled herself off Ginger's face. She crawled backward and laid herself down onto Ginger's body, letting their firm breasts push up against each other, nipples touching. Olivia's hair fell across Ginger's face as they locked lips intensely.
    "That was amazing," murmured Olivia, in between kisses. "You're so good at that."
    "Mmmhmm, I know, I think I'm a natural."
    Both girls giggled. Suddenly, Olivia looked up and noticed that Katie was gone from the living room.
    "Whoa, where'd Katie go?"
    "I guess we were having so much fun with each other that we didn't realize Katie walked out on us!" said Ginger. "She's probably in the bathroom or something."
    The girls heard some rummaging in Katie's bedroom next door. After a few moments, Katie emerged, wearing only a black bra with matching knickers and stockings. She was holding a thick, white strap-on dildo in her right hand.
    "Katie...is that astrap-on?" gasped Ginger.
    "You bet." Katie smiled mischievously as she held the dildo in front of her. It was attached to a simple black harness.
    "Wow," said Olivia. "I didn't realize you were such a lesbian...connoisseur!"
    Katie laughed. She slipped on the harness over her panties and secured it around her waist. The eight-inch dildo hung loosely in front of her crotch. "You girls were having so much fun that I was getting eager to join in!"
    Olivia and Ginger looked at each other and burst into laughter.
    "How much are you going to pay us to let you fuck us with that?" asked Olivia playfully.
    "Oh, depends," said Katie, walking over to the coffee table. She bounced the dildo playfully up and down a few times and grabbed some more cash. "Depends on whether you let me fuck your pussy...or your ass."
    "Don't worry about the money right now," said Ginger. "We can, you know, negotiate that afterward."
    "She's right," said Olivia. "Get over here."
    Katie obliged, sitting herself down on the couch in between her two friends. The three of them began kissing sensually as if they had been lovers for ages. Katie let her imagination wander and think ahead to all the dirty, naughty things she would do to them in the next few hours.
    Even though their steamy night was just getting started, Katie couldn't help but feel like it was already mission accomplished.
    THE END