1. Probing Ginger

    Date: 11/29/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: SapphicWriter, Source: LushStories

    ... the make-out session officially began.
    Olivia was clearly more enthusiastic in the beginning, but slowly Ginger got into it as well. Their breasts pressed firmly up against one another as the kissing intensified. Their tongues started wrapping around each other and exchanging saliva. Katie could tell from the increasing sound of their kisses that they were really getting into it.
    After a couple of minutes, the kissing stopped. Ginger and Olivia separated their sloppy, saliva-covered lips and looked into each other's eyes longingly.
    "Well, that was kinda nice," said Ginger, smiling. She gently used her thumb to wipe some of the spit from Olivia's chin.
    "Yeah," agreed Olivia. "I'm not gonna lie...I have been curious in the past about what it's like to kiss a girl."
    Katie looked on delightfully. "Looks like you girls enjoyed that very much! Ready for some more?"
    The two girls glanced at Katie a little hesitatingly.
    "Well," said Olivia, "I โ€“ I don't really know how to go any further with a woman. I mean, can you guide us?"
    "Olivia," said Ginger, "do you really even wantto go any further than this? I mean, that was probably enough for one day, you know?"
    "Of course, I want to go through with this," responded Olivia. She was clearly very tipsy now as more of the alcohol started to hit her. "Don't you? I mean, we both just had a reallyhot make-out session. You actually turned me on!"
    "You turned me on too," said Ginger, glancing downwards sheepishly. "But I'm just โ€“ a little nervous to do anything more, I guess."
    "Don't be afraid to express your sexuality," chimed in Katie. "It seems like you two would make perfect lesbians! Life is all about trying new experiences. I'll give you each a thousand dollars to keep going."
    "Wow!" exclaimed Ginger. "That's a lot of money. Are you sure?"
    "We must really turn you on, Katie, if you're willing to spend this much on us!" said Olivia. "Why not just get a lesbian hooker?"
    "Oh, don't be silly." Katie grabbed a few more bills from the case and set them down on the coffee table. "Here. I'm giving you advance payment. Now, Olivia โ€“ since you seem to be the more aggressive one โ€“ take off Ginger's clothes, and then kiss and lick Ginger's breasts. Okay?"
    "Yes, Katie," said Olivia, nodding obediently.
    "Katie, nobody better find out about this!" exclaimed Ginger.
    "I promise I won't tell anyone," reassured Katie.
    Ginger looked at Olivia nervously as she began undressing her. Olivia slowly unbuttoned Ginger's white top and pulled it down past her shoulders, just enough to reveal her voluptuous breasts cradled in a red lace bra. Olivia pulled off the bra to reveal Ginger's gorgeous, plump tits, and began sucking on her right nipple eagerly.
    "Ohhh," moaned Ginger as Olivia's tongue circled around her nipple. Olivia moved on to Ginger's left breast, lathering it with saliva as her friend continued to moan.
    "Very good," said Katie, comfortably seated on the other sofa. ...