1. College Virgin Impaled For First Time

    Date: 11/29/2023, Categories: True Stories First Time Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Oral Sex / Blowjob Teen Torture, Written by Women Author: john2102, Source: sexstories.com

    Hey, this is a story from my college days about my old friend James, hope you enjoy. Any feedback in comments appreciated. X
    He had insomnia. That meant we spent a lot of time together because I'm a night owl. During the first few weeks of college it seemed like it was getting worse, he was normally so sweet and kind but he had gotten erratic and snappy. So they upped his medication, and it worked! He returned to his old self, but I'd lost a friend to hang with during the nights.
    He lived just down the hall from me in our college accommodation so one night when I was bored I went down to his door, knocked and creeped in, like I'd been doing for weeks. His dim lamp in the corner was on but he was fast asleep, his sleeping medication next to him on his bed side table. Fuck!
    I sat down in my usual chair and faked a conversation between us but he didn't stir, he was out cold. And then I spied under the single sheet he had half draped over him, a small mound over his groin in a peculiar shape. I had never looked at James in a sexual way before so I was surprised to feel the heat rise down between my legs. I was a virgin and had never seen a penis before, but my instinct told me that the strange shape clearly outlined on the thin sheet in front of me was a cock. I stared hard, watching it rise and fall with his breathing, my own breathing growing faster and more desperate, the heat between my legs turning to wet, I rubbed my thighs together and felt my juices fall from my panting pussy and lubricate my thighs. Fuck, so this is what it feels like to be horny. Exciting and frightening, I felt like I was losing control.
    I stood slowly, a single tear of pussy juice rolling down from my lips to my ankle, and approached the small mound, my breathing turned to panting as I looked over him. I called his name several times to make sure he was asleep. I placed my hand on his bare chest, the first sprouting of chest hair appearing on his well defined body. My hand ran down over his hot soft skin, over the crevices of his six pack until my finger reached the edge of the sheet. I hesitated, looked hard at the mound rising and falling. Leaving the sheet, I slowly lowered my hand onto the mound where I met a soft and squidgy bulge. Now able to manipulate the sheet I pulled it tight around the bulge and I could now clearly see the outline of a penis and balls. My hands were shaking, my pussy was sweating. I stroked the penis through the sheet but I could wait no longer. I'm sorry James, but I have to see!
    I delicately took hold of the edge of the sheet and slowly pulled it up to reveal his sleeping cock and balls. Wow! It looked smaller than I had imagined, I guess I'd seen too many pictures in magazines, his penis lay entangled in a thick forest of pubes and was dwarfed by his enormous balls which sat on his thighs. The penis must have been smaller than my little finger although fatter than my thumb and try as I might I couldn't see his head. The end ...