1. Gurls Just Wanna Have Fun!

    Date: 11/30/2023, Categories: Trans Lesbian Fetish Author: SissyMunster, Source: xHamster

    I'm just your typical College slut, always up for anything, and I mean anything!It was not always like this though...Let me tell you about my best friend, she calls herself Chanade now, but she was like me once. We studied at the same institution she was in the year above me, a senior while at the time I was a freshman.It wasn't long after I went to college that I started getting urges...The urges came on slowly at first but grew ever more stronger...I couldnt help staring at the girls in the Senior classes. We took classes in the same lecture hall, back to back. The Seniors in the mornings and our class in the afternoons. I couldnt help but bump into those hot senior chicks in the narrow hallway outside the lecture hall. Feeling our bodies brush so close and being so close with so many hot looking girls drove me wild.Especially Chanade, she was tall, dark haired with very pale skin, almost snow white. But it was the way she dressed which drove me wild. She wore extremely provocative crop tops, which barely covered her enormous breasts. Her long dark hair was worn bound in a high pony tail.She was wasp waisted, very slim at the waist, but her hips were great curving curtains of flesh over which she would d**** the shortest cutest of skirts possible. Her huge hass was barely covered by the material of her tight skirt. She wore long white stockings and high heels, with the most bright fire engine red lipstick you can imagine. In short she was out of this world hot! The perfect bimbo slut of every freshmans dreams.Its amazing how fate sometimes works out but her locker was in the same row as mine. Directly below mine in fact.One day she forgot her locker key and I just happened to have mine. She finished class and had a large bundle of books which she dropped on the floor by accident as she fumbled for her key. I helped her retrieve the books and offered her my locker (trying to play the sweet freshman for all it was worth) I'd completely forgotten I had plastered the interior of my locker with sneaky photos of porn starlets from magazines and a couple of cheeky snapshots of Chanade. She saw the photos and smiled at me..."You like to see more of me eh you sick little pervert?!"I went bright pink, it was a good thing nobody was around now as most people had rushed to or from class leaving us briefly alone, the hallway suddenly seemed empty and enormous, we had it all to ourselves.I was still blushing but I summoned up enough courage to grab her by the waist and pull her close. My face was practically buried in her breasts.She purred like a cat, it was the first time I had just heard her voice up close, there was something there and I should have clocked onto it, the strong husky voice should have gave the game away but I was too wild with passion to notice. Instead I smelled her perfume, buried my face further into her breasts and reached round and down behind her slowly trying to raise her skirt with one hand while I fumbled at my zipper with the ...