1. Halloween Story: Things that go *Bump* *Bump* Bump* In the night!

    Date: 12/1/2023, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Bestiality, Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Non-consensual Sex Consensual Sex Straight Sex Group Sex Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Lesbian Monster, Trans Author: CarnalFantasies, Source: sexstories.com

    Belisa, a 23 year old in college was invited by a couple of her college friends who got personal written invitations from Amelia, the campus' number one weirdo. Initially, Belisa was worried that she would be gate crashing so she went to find Amelia and ask her in person. When she found her, Amelia beamed mischievously when Belisa asked it was OK to come along and assured her that she was most welcome. Although Belisa was really happy for the acceptance she felt something was a little off the way Amelia looked at her, the same way she looked at every other college girl who was invited or asked to come along to this party at Amelia's house. She later decided that as long as she stayed close to her friends and not drink anything potentially spiked, she will be fine. Besides with about 40 women from the same campus going and no men allowed it should be safe enough.
    Later on Belisa stood out on the side walk, waiting for her friends to pick her up. She didn't really take Halloween very seriously so she just decided to wear her favourite dungarees with a red T-Shirt and white shoes. She just wanted to be comfortable, have a laugh and dance anyhow.
    Crystal and Amy arrived in an open top car.
    "Hey, Belly!" Called Crystal, a slender young blond who was in the front side seat.
    "Don't call me that, you know I hate that!" Replied Belisa half laughing, she she got into the middle back seat.
    Amy, who is driving, drives the three of them away as Belisa closes the passenger door. She was wearing a gray tank top with tight blue jeans and black tall leather boots, all of which compliment her figure as she has a chiseled athletic body, for a gymnast she worked hard to earn the right to wear what she likes and feel good about it.
    Amy has wild eyes blue and a sexy grin as she looks at Belisa through her rear mirror.
    "Is that what you're wearing tonight!?" She asks looking disappointed at Belisa's lack of originality.
    "You can talk, Amy!" Replied Crystal "I'm the only one that made an effort for Halloween!" Crystal is wearing a tight skimpy 'witch' outfit with black laced stockings which made her appear more slutty than halloweeny.
    Amy rolled her eyes, "This is why I don't like Halloween, I used to like it for the scares now its just a sexual fetish."
    Crystal teases her back, “Oh and that's why you picked the hottest outfit you could find? Haha!”
    “Oh trust me, babe you haven't ever seen me in my hottest outfit!” Amy counters.
    Belisa sat forward so she can plant herself between Amy and Crystal.
    "You know where we're going?" She asks.
    "Never been there." replied Crystal "But I have it on the SATNAV based on Amelia's text."
    Belisa has only met Amelia once or twice but only on campus, so she asks. “So, have you guys spent time with Amelia before? What is she like?”
    Crystal and Amy had to think for a moment because it was a question that didn't occur to them, although Amelia always appeared to be very friendly and often a ...