1. Miss Callahan Ch. 20-22

    Date: 12/1/2023, Categories: Lesbian Author: ShiaWoods, Source: LushStories

    Chapter 20
    I’m just getting out of my car across the street from my office building when I feel my phone buzz.
    Before pulling it out to see who texted, I pull my coat closer to my face as I quickly run across the busy downtown street and into my building. I know it’s petty, but the fact that VPs have to park across the street, instead of in the actual building’s parking lot, annoys me every morning that it’s not sunny. Logically I get that there are a finite number of spots so they prioritize them for SVPs and above, but right now as I shake off rain from my clothes, I don’t care about logic. I guess I could buy an umbrella, but apparently nobody in Seattle actually owns one and I’ll just look like a tourist to my colleagues.
    Once I’m in the lobby of the building, I pull out my phone as I head to the elevators in the middle of the room.
    We need to talk,a text from Jackie reads.
    “We need to talk” is never a good sign and given the fact that I left Jackie with Maddy last night, my stomach instantly tightens.
    When?I text back.
    Meet me at the office. Now.
    I’m on my way up.
    Jackie is sitting in my office when I come in and she doesn’t look like she slept much. In fact, she’s wearing the same shirt she had on yesterday.
    “Hey,” I say as I move to my desk, set my things down and sit in my chair.
    Jackie doesn’t reply and just plays with two of the buttons on her shirt, a nervous behavior I’ve seen her do since we met.
    “Jackie,” I say when she continues to sit there.
    Finally, she looks up like she just noticed that I was there.
    “I slept with Maddy,” she says quickly.
    My eyes move up her day-old clothes, which now that I’m really paying attention, look more than a little disheveled.
    “I gathered that,” I reply tentatively. “Is that what you needed to talk to me about?”
    For some reason I have a feeling in my gut that Jackie didn’t just come in here for a girl’s chat. She looks like a toddler who spilled milk and then ran away from the mess.
    “And she knows about you and Lauren,” she adds.
    I was half expecting some kind of revelation like this, and yet my stomach still drops at her words.
    “How?” I ask and I can hear how unsteady my voice sounds already.
    “I told her. Accidentally.”
    “How did you accidentally tell her?”
    Jackie lets out a long breath before rubbing her face with her hands. “We were drinking. A lot. And we went back to her hotel room. Somehow, we started talking about Lauren. She asked how it was working with her and I told her that I don’t really work with her since she can’t touch the Ellison account. Then she told me that all the women at Olivia’s consultancy firm had a crush on Lauren and asked me if I found her attractive.”
    The more Jackie talks, the more my stomach tightens. How she couldn’t realize what Maddy was doing, drunk or not, is beyond me.
    “I told her that it wouldn’t matter because I’m not blonde-haired and blue-eyed like you,” she continues. “Maddy made a ...