1. My stepdaughter is driving me crazy (part 17)

    Date: 2/9/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Voyeur / Exhibitionism Lesbian Incest / Taboo Teen Massage, Author: Normann Blaze, Source: sexstories.com

    Wow! I still cannot fully comprehend what I’ve witnessed in the shower. But I don’t have a choice but to accept it. I know what I saw. There is no doubt. My stepdaughter Nadine and her mother Katia are close. Closer than I thought! Actually, I had suspected it for some time. At least now I’ve got clarity. A whirlwind of emotions is hitting me. Worry – Nadine is just 18! What are the implications of her being involved with her mother? It’s not normal to say the least! Relief. Yes, strangely I’m feeling relieved. I’m not the only adult who’s transgressing in this family. Katia is too! She’s allowing her daughter to give her sexual pleasure. Oh my goodness! It’s still so hard to wrap my head around it! It really changes a lot. My image of Katia has shifted – immensely! She’s clearly getting a sexual rush out of being close to Nadine. And what if she knew about Nadine and me? Would she forgive me? Because after all, if even she as a mother can’t keep her hands off her daughter, who is Katia to blame me? I’m not even biologically related to Nadine. Does this mean…? Oh my goodness… Does this mean I have Katia’s blessing? To be involved with her daughter… and with Katia at the same time? Is that what Katia wants? Is that what turns Katia on and explains her renewed sexual drive? Does Katia want me to forgive her for her transgressions with her daughter in exchange for Katia’s forgiveness of my transgressions?
    I have delegated the task of keeping in touch with the aircon service to Katia. I have that feeling the aircon won’t be repaired any time soon. I’m now sure that Katia is enjoying the current sleeping arrangement with Nadine and me. I don’t feel like talking with the girls about this whole situation. I don’t want to ruin this sexual tension. I know, I’m selfish. I’m filled with anticipation. What unexplored spheres of pleasure are Katia and Nadine going to take me to next? It’s past dinner time. Katia and Nadine are sitting with me on the couch streaming a TV series. The series has deteriorated. Nadine is playing with her phone and Katia doesn’t seem to be following the series either. “This show is getting lame” Nadine remarks disinterestedly. “Yeah it has gone downhill” I’m adding. Katia is still staring into the void. “What if I heat up the sauna? I haven’t used it in forever. We could get a sweat and then hop in the cool pool? What do you think? Better than watching this…” Katia suddenly suggests. I’m looking at her. Her eyes seem shiny. I’m looking at Nadine. Her eyes appear awake now too. She’s alternately looking at me and Katia. I’m trying to hide my excitement: “Hmm… I guess. We better make use of it before it collects too much dust.” Katia turns to Nadine: “You in?” “Hmm… this show is so boring. And my muscles are still sore from the dance party I went to with Mike and Angela. I guess relaxing in the sauna won’t hurt.” “Done.”
    I’m the first to arrive at the sauna. My heart is pounding. Are the girls going to play any games with me ...