1. Camping Trip

    Date: 2/10/2024, Categories: Lesbian Author: byjoan658, Source: Literotica

    Camping Trip
    Recently a bunch of my friends organized a camping trip over a long holiday weekend in the Spring. I was excited because I hadn't been camping since I was a kid. My family had frequently gone on camping trips and I had always loved it. I just adore being outdoors.
    I was to share a tent with a long time friend, but at the last minute she had to bail out due to a family emergency. So, I was on my own in a tent when everyone else on the trip had a tent mate. That was okay with me, I would have some privacy. I have something of a nightly bedtime ritual; rubbing my kitty, which I would have had to forgo with a tent mate.
    We all arrived at the state park campground early Saturday morning and set up our tents. Mine was a simple two man dome tent which took me all of ten minutes to set up, as well as, move my stuff in, and change into my bikini; we were all going down to the lake for a swim before lunch.
    I was sitting next to my tent in a camp chair slathering on sunscreen when a pickup pulled into the next campsite over; it was empty. A guy and a very pretty girl about my age got out and started unloading gear. The guy picked the spot to place their tent, but it quickly became obvious to me that they were novices. They couldn't seem to figure out how to properly erect their tent and I heard a lot of bickering between them. The guy, as best as I could discern, seemed to be the quintessential 'I don't need to read the instructions, I know what I'm doing' sort of macho male. And so, they struggled with, and argued about, the tent.
    Not my problem, I thought as I grabbed my beach towel and headed off to join my group for swimming. As I walked off l caught the girl looking at me in my string bikini. Funny, I thought, I'd have thought it would've been the dude ogling me. I pushed the thought out of my mind as I joined my friends for a delightful day of outdoor activities. We swam, hiked, and enjoyed a lovely evening sipping wine around a campfire; talking, singing old folk songs from the 70s, and generally having a great time.
    At bedtime we started bidding each other goodnight in ones and twos. I was really tired, whether from too much sun or wine, I don't know, but I was among the earliest to retire to my tent.
    When I reached my tent in the dark with only a small flashlight to keep me from tripping over tree roots, I noticed the girl in the next campsite, faintly illuminated by a sodium light on a telephone pole a few hundred feet away. She was sitting alone on a tree stump with her hands to her face and she sounded like she might be crying; I couldn't be sure what with crickets chirping and frogs croaking nearby. But I did notice the pickup truck was gone.
    Not my problem, I thought for the second time that day. I unzipped my tent and crawled in and zipped it closed. I undressed; I always sleep nude. So, I just had to crawl into my cozy sleeping bag. Then, as I always do, I reached down and caressed my pussy with both ...