1. Vivian Doubts Her Faith

    Date: 2/10/2024, Categories: Lesbian Author: LakeShoreLimited, Source: LushStories

    At the start of her junior year in the late summer of 1971, sixteen-year-old Vivian Hannity had been attending Catholic schools for her entire life. Yet she found that her belief in her own religion was waning. It wasn’t exactly that she was becoming an atheist. It was more like the rigid dogmas of the Church simply made no sense to her anymore. She could not resolve the contradictions between what the Church was trying to teach her and her own powerful sexual feelings.
    Once she believed everything without question. She bought the whole package, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Limbo, the Virgin birth, whatever was told to her by the nuns who taught her.Yeah, I’ve been confirmed, but now I feel like renouncing it all. For her third-generation Irish family, it was as much a cultural thing as a matter of faith. The Church was simply there, something beyond questioning, and one followed its precepts because, well – that was the way a decent person should live.
    At this time, she was attending an all-girls high school, the Mount St. Ursula Academy in the North Bronx not far from her home on Mosholu Parkway. She was starting to feel trapped there and yearned for her future graduation when she could move on to a non-Catholic institution.
    One of the things that was going wrong was that that the Church strictly forbade masturbation, and the nuns at Mount St. Ursula had no qualms about telling that to their students. For about a week, Vivian tried to get her junior year off to a good start. She tried giving up her passion for fondling herself into an orgasm. After all, the nuns were authority figures who seemed to know what they were talking about.
    After a brief period, Vivian said to herself, This is ridiculous. If God gave me this body, he must have meant for me to enjoy the pleasure it can give me.That night, in her bed, she raised her nightgown. Then she used one hand to rub her clitoris and the other to insert the thick handle of her hairbrush into her cunt. After eight days of abstinence, she quickly had an intense orgasm. She had to use her willpower to avoid yelling out the joy of her climax. She didn’t want the rest of her family to hear her voice as she came.
    After that, she figured that this was exactly the kind of act she should mention during her monthly Confession, but she refused to do it. She was growing to hate Confession, and the lies she would say when in the booth. She thought that maybe the priests enjoyed hearing lascivious stories from other girls, but she couldn't prove it. They certainly sounded bored most of the time when she was prattling on in her side of the confessional.
    Vivian had begun to think that the Church was strangely obsessed with sexual matters even though no one would admit to it. One of the areas where that appeared was in the preoccupation with the horrible deaths of venerable martyrs, many of whom had quite a bit of sexual sadism involved with their demise.
    One of them was St. Ursula herself, who was ...