1. Rose's video: Chapter 10: Maria and Rose swap moms

    Date: 2/10/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Incest / Taboo Lesbian Author: kornslayer, Source: sexstories.com

    POV: Maria
    Both Rose and I kissed each other's moms for about twenty minutes straight. I couldn't help, but to look at Rose and my mom from time to time. It all created the perfect storm of sexuality where the taboo aspect of it still made it quite hot.
    'Even as I'm not actually related to Kate, it still feels like incest. Maybe it solely because she is my godmother or that my mom is making out with Rose right now. Who the hell knows? Kate has always been like a second mom to me, and she never had an issue with me calling her 'Mom' from time to time. So, essentially, she is my second mom, but she is technically my godmother. I guess that's why it still feels like incest and my pussy is acting like a cum faucet. And damn, Kate must really love me, she is also caressing my butt cheeks like I really am her daughter.'
    Although, after those twenty minutes, Kate gently pushed my lips off hers. We just looked at each other for a moment as Rose, and my mom kept going at it. It wasn't clear what Kate was thinking, but as I tried to talk, she shook her head no. I slathered my lips for a few seconds, but then her hands made the trip over onto my boobs.
    She stayed back, maintained eye contact with me and squeezed my melons somewhat too. That alone made me twitch slightly, but then she calmly leaned up towards me and kissed me once again. Her head dropped to my tits and instantly began licking my right nipple.
    "For fuck sake, Kate," I moaned, placing my hands on her head. "That's is a superb feeling, so I can only imagine that you, my mom and your daughter could pull off."
    Kate's mouth came off my nipple. "Maria, you can call me 'Mom' if you want. You have before, so I don't mind."
    "Although, my biological mom is right there, so it feels weird."
    I peeked over at my mom and Rose, and their lips parted too. "Don't worry, sweetie. You may call Kate 'Mom' all you want. Or, just call her 'godmother' if you want, Maria. We're all family here, even though you aren't genetically related to Kate and Rose. Neither of your moms will get upset with you for calling either of us 'Mom,' or anything else like that," she explained before she leaned towards me.
    She kissed me for a moment as I was sure both Rose and Kate were watching closely. I had to shed a few tears and enjoy the mother/daughter incest to highest possible pleasure. That came from both physical and emotional spikes, but of course, my emotions were most important.
    She lightly took her lips off mine. "Maria, you are the single most important person to me in the world. I know I've said that before, but I want it tattooed in your head. I'm also positive that Rose and Kate are the most important people to each other too. Don't worry about a fucking thing, dear daughter," she advised me before leaning back. "Well, except this: make your godmother feel good."
    "Okay, Mom," I said before I looked back at Kate.
    I kept my eyes on her for a moment, but I had to shed more tears. "You ...