1. Ultimate Interface 1.0 - Chapter 4_(0)

    Date: 2/11/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Body Modification, Teen Consensual Sex Lesbian Hardcore, Incest / Taboo Group Sex Masturbation / Toys Mind Control Pregnant, Trans Author: dereck353824, Source: sexstories.com

    "Oh my, I'm so full!" my mother belches out as she burps half way through, rubbing her swollen, cum filled belly. My sister Jenny and I both laugh as she does.
    "Well we certainly are full" my sister replies "I can't think of how you did what you did brother but I'm not complaining, that was the best orgasm I've ever had in my life" as she crawls over to me, body dripping with sweat and cum "I wonder, what could possibly be the source of this new found wonder??"
    I grin as my cock sways in the air, as if having a mind of its own.
    “Well sis, seeing as you’re now part of the act, what do you have in mind? I mean, I can literally do anything” I smiled.
    Jenny turned to her mother a smiled, before looking back at me.
    “A penis”
    I looked at her confused. “I’m sorry what??”
    “A penis! I’ve always wondered what you guys find so damn amazing about having a penis, so, yeah, I want a penis!”
    My mother burst out laughing, spitting out a drink she had taken a sip of.
    “What?!” Jenny pondered, half smiling and a little embarrassed now.
    “It’s fine sis! Honestly” I replied. “Mother is just jealous because her own penis is not as big as mine….”
    In a split moment, I had given Sandra her own penis, which was now dangling between her legs some 8 inches long, thick as her wrist and flaccid. Jenny and mother both looked down between her legs to see her new appendage.
    “HAHA!” Jenny laughed, that’ll teach you! Sandra gasped, backing against the wall for a moment as she came to the realisation of what had just happened.
    “Don’t you be chuckling at our mother squirt, she may just come over there and fuck you with it!”
    I quick thought in my mind and it was already happening. I grinned as mother’s penis stretched and grew, expanding in girth and length, her balls inflating as sperm began to fill them.
    Sandra smiled, gripping her new penis and stroking it with both hands as Jenny quickly came to the realisation that she could not move. I had blocked her ability to walk.
    “Hey, what’s the big idea?!” Jenny squirmed.
    “The ‘big’ idea, as you put it sweet daughter, is that your mother is about to fill your pussy full of momma’s big cock!” Sandra smiled.
    I watched from the sunbed as my mother walked over, tits bouncing and belly swaying with all my cum as she pointed her rock hard cock at my sisters pussy. Mom pushes Jenny over on to the nearby table as she doesn’t even stop to appreciate the situation as I hear a huge gasp from Jenny as mother plunges her huge cock deep into her pussy.
    “AAAAHHHHHH!!! Oh shit mom! Jesus! You could have fucking warned m……ARGHHHH!!!”
    Sandra wasted no time in taking my sister. She held on to her waist as she rammed her thick, hard cock deep in to her daughters overflowing pussy. I watched as my mother slid her thick cock deep into Jenny’s pussy over and over, the sight of these two heavily pregnant ladies going at it was hugely erotic. My cock twitched seeing my mother and sister’s huge tits sway ...