1. A Special Kind Of Wife

    Date: 2/11/2024, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: JefferyB, Source: LushStories

    Part 1
    He glanced down at the corner of his computer screen to see that it was almost 1:30. Jordan had been sitting here at his kitchen table since shortly after eight o’clock in the morning. It was Saturday and he was still working. “God,” he said aloud. “All I’ve done for the past year is work. When does it end?”
    Jordan Barnes was an upwardly mobile, mid-level manager in a large organization. At forty-two years of age, he had outperformed most people in his company and gained an excellent reputation. He worked hard to maintain his path to the top. In a word, he was driven toward success. He had a generous salary and a sweet bonus program. His career was zooming, but the work seemed to be unending.
    Leaning back in the chair, Jordan glanced out the windows to see his wife, Jessica, working with the plants on their deck. As he had a million times, Jordan’s eyes went straight to her magnificent ass. She was wearing those white shorts he loved so much. They made a perfect frame for her bottom. Jess stood as if admiring her plants and turned so that he could see her face.
    “You are so beautiful,” he said to the air. Jessica was six years younger than Jordan. They had met at a party shortly after she graduated from college. He was taken by her from across the room and quickly found someone to introduce them. Two weeks later, she spent the weekend with him in his apartment and they had been together ever since. Jordan noticed her nipples poking through the lavender cotton sweater she was wearing. He encouraged her to go braless, but she insisted that her breasts were too large to free them.
    She turned her backside to him once again, bringing an image to his mind. He suddenly remembered a spring afternoon over a year ago. He was sitting on the deck with a beer in his hand when she walked up, took the beer from him to take a swallow. While she was drinking, Jordan ran his hand up the inside of the shorts to grab a handful of her butt cheek. When she smiled at him, he did the same with his other hand.
    “What are you doing, mister?” she had asked.
    “I’m grabbing the most beautiful ass in town.”
    “Don’t let the neighbors see,” she cautioned.
    “I don’t care who sees,” he insisted. “Anyone would agree that you have the finest ass they’ve ever seen.”
    “Jordan, you are so full of it,” she had laughed. But she stopped laughing when his fingers moved between her legs. “Hey,” she said in a voice little more than a whisper.
    “Here’s something else that’s the best in town,” he smiled up at her as a finger slipped inside her.
    “Jordy, you can’t do that outside,” she gasped.
    “Why not? You’re my wife and, based on how wet you are, I think you need some attention.”
    “Let’s go inside,” she said softly, with her eyes closed, obviously enjoying the sensation caused by his finger.
    “I don’t think so,” he said as his other hand unbuttoned her shorts. In a flash, the shorts were down around her ankles. Before she could object, Jordan had ...