1. ...Down Came the Rain

    Date: 2/11/2024, Categories: Gay Author: byChannelingBillySantoro, Source: Literotica

    Ever since I saw my first porno of a black guy fucking a white woman (one of those early 80s flicks, Ron Jeremy played a "Private Dick"), I've had a thing for black guys. There definitely seems to be a difference in the way the skin colors fuck. One isn't better than another, though. For me, the best thing about getting topped by a dark-skinned man is the contrast in skin color. I love to watch him (them, once or twice) as he breaches me and how his dark brown dong looks as if it's being devoured by my much lighter skinned hole. Size means a lot, don't get me wrong. But sometimes, a black guy comes along that doesn't actually have the size. He compensates for that with stamina and daring. This retells an experience I had, once again, at a park and ride with a man with that dark, DARK, German chocolate skin, a decently-sized cock, but also, the fortitude of a fucking racehorse and nerves of steel!
    *Funny note: I named this story "......And the Rain Came Down" on another writing platform, but realized, retroactively, that this is also the name of a quite popular and very well written children's picture book. So I decided to go with this new title which, I'm sure some may have already deduced, is a line in the popular children's sing-along "The Itsy Bitsy Spider". You know the part where you use your fingers to pantomime rain falling from the sky right before it "washed the spider out....." So before I chose another title, I thought I'd quit and just stick with the children's sing-along line.
    I returned to my happy place, the Park & Ride from a previous story, at 11pm one night to find the lot rather empty but for a few parked cars and a few other cars driving slowly around the aisles, lurking in wait for a partner, if only for an hour or, sadly, less. It isn't easy to find a guy in any situation, be that in a club, bar, theater, etc., who can go for more than a few pumps before he begins to make that face. You know what face I mean, too. The lips go soft, and the eyes shut slowly at first, then they tighten, and you feel that all too familiar throbbing of his cock as his load bloops out in several pathetic shots. And he's done. Pants are up, zipper is zipped, and he's suddenly got to get going.
    I wasn't the type to pull up to a vehicle. It was so easy to just park and let them all come to me. On this night, I parked and was almost immediately approached by a black man, soft spoken, and polite. We spoke with windows rolled down for a few before he and I realized we were compatible, me a bottom and he a top. I remember him having great skin. Real nice, like he bathes in lotion made from some revolutionary concoction said to contain lion jizz or something.
    Anyway, I suggested the woods connected to the lot, but he trumped my suggestion by recommending the huge supermarket parking lot across the way. This made me nervous. I had been there before to fool around, so I was aware of the camera situation. There were a lot of them. Practically ...