1. Kay, Sarah, and her husband

    Date: 2/12/2024, Categories: Group Sex Author: HoseJockey55, Source: LushStories

    I came home from work one afternoon to find my wife Kay was not home. I did find a note that said she had gone to Sarah’s house and that I should meet her there for a special night. I went to the bathroom and took a long hot shower and shaved around my cock,
    Kay loves it when I shave my cock, just like I love going down on her smoothly-shaved pussy. The last time we were playing with Sarah, her pussy was also cleanly shaved smooth.
    I left for Sarah’s house and on the way there, Kay texted me that she and Sarah had started to play. Her text also instructed me that they had left the front door unlocked and to just come on in. After arriving at Sarah’s house, I went into the front door and found three sets of clothes on the floor and a porno video playing on the television.
    I started to walk through the house looking for naked people, at least three of them. As I was walking past a bedroom, I noticed Kay naked on the bed. She was on her back with her legs spread wide.
    I watched as Sarah and Kay were having enthusiastic sex together. Sarah had two fingers inside Kay’s wet pussy and her thumb was massaging her already excited clit. Sarah’s warm wet lips were sucking on Kay’s extremely hard and erect nipples.
    I noticed Sarah’s husband, Jim, was also in the bedroom, naked. His cock was hard and looked to be at least ten inches in length and larger around than my cock. He was watching the ladies as he was sitting on the edge of the bed. I just stood there and enjoyed the sex between the two very sexy ladies. Jim was also watching and slowly stroking his cock. He was also rubbing his pre-cum over the tip of his cock.
    Sarah turned and lowered her hips on top of Kay’s face, and Kay began passionately licking and sucking Sarah’s clit and lips. Sarah was doing the same to Kay and I could see how wet Kay had become.
    Kay’s body tensed up and Kay began to have an orgasm. Kay kept going down on Sarah to return the favor, with Sarah cumming quickly after Kay.
    As Sarah started to turn her husband got between Kay’s legs and began to lick and suck on Kay’s clit.
    Sarah moved up to Kay’s head and began to passionately kiss her. Jim then repositioned himself and started to rub his cock on Kay’s swollen and excited clit.
    As Kay’s mouth opened in surprise, Sarah took her breast and placed the nipple in Kay’s mouth. Sarah told Kay to suck on the breast as Jim slid his cock inside her and stretched her pussy out.
    I could hear Kay moaning as Jim slid into her pussy, he did it very slowly and paused as Kay’s pussy stretched to accommodate his large cock. Once all the way in, he started to fuck her nice and slow. As he was fucking her, Kay and Sarah were kissing passionately. Both Kay and Sarah were fondling each other’s breasts and their excited nipples.
    I slowly and quietly went back downstairs and watched the television. After about thirty minutes, the three of them came down to where I was. They were naked and looked like they had all ...