1. My Fantasies No. 3 Bed And Breakfast Part 3

    Date: 2/12/2024, Categories: Teen Author: katie1984, Source: LushStories

    “Well, are you going to get naked then?” she asked, her startlingly blue eyes gazing at me, as she stood, statuesque like, in the warm sunshine. As I looked at her, she reached down between her legs with her right hand and slipped a finger between the puffy lips of her bald vagina. As she did so, I watched as a clear, glistening thread of wetness dribbled out of her pussy and extended down to the ground between her legs, shimmering in the sunlight. She let out a little gasp as her finger slid inside.
    “Shit, I feel so horny,” she said in her low, sultry voice. I watched in silence as she continued to finger herself, hardly believing what I was seeing. Were all schoolgirls her age so confident and uninhibited about being naked in front of men? Or was it simply that she knew what a stunning body she had and wasn’t ashamed of showing it?
    “Yeah. I can tell,” I replied, almost to myself, as I watched another strand of her clear pussy juice begin to drip slowly down to the ground. I removed my rucksack, and then took off my t-shirt, and pulled my shorts down, leaving them on the grass. Standing with just my pants on, I noticed a large damp spot had appeared on the front of the light grey cotton, where my cock had oozed its precum. Hardly surprising, considering the circumstances.
    It was now Katie's turn to watch as I pulled my pants down, and my already half-erect penis sprung out from within its restraint, eager to be released to the open air and Katies gaze. I kicked the pants off from my boots and took hold of my growing cock in my hand. I could feel it throbbing as, which each beat of my heart, it became thicker and harder as I pulled back the foreskin to expose the bulging purple head into the sunshine.
    Still fingering herself, Katie stared at my shaved cock. “Oh my God, Steve, it's bigger than I thought it was,” she exclaimed, her eyes wide in amazement. I smiled.
    “Do you want to touch?” I replied. She nodded.
    I stood in front of her, and she removed her hand from between her legs before reaching out and taking my penis into her hand. I gave an involuntary moan, as I felt the soft, wet fingers of this horny schoolgirl wrap themselves around my erection and then push the foreskin back and forth along the hard stiffness of its shaft. I watched her cute, pretty face as a smile spread across her sensuous lips and she experienced holding a man’s cock for the first time.
    “It's soft and hard at the same time,” she said in almost a whisper of wonderment, gazing down at the wet head, glistening in the sunlight as she slowly rubbed her hand up and down the throbbing shaft.
    As she did so, I reached down and, without any resistance from her, I gently stroked the smooth puffy lips of her pussy with my fingers. Her pale skin was silky soft, with no sign of her pubic hair.
    “I love how you shave down here,” I said, quietly caressing her plump mound as I looked into her blue eyes. A slight breeze caught a strand of her long blonde hair ...