1. Love realized.

    Date: 2/12/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Straight Sex Teen Non-consensual Sex Group Sex Author: Bear66, Source: sexstories.com

    I know I’m not anyone's ideal catch. Less than average looks , poor health , fat , in my late fifties , and living on a fixed income. Then a miracle happened and my dream girl fell into my lap. Alyssa was on her Facebook account asking for help she needed a place to stay. I invited her to stay with me in my apartment , she accepted immediately. I told her my address and she sent the message she would be right down with her sixteen year old daughter Kayla. An hour later the two knocked on my door.
    I invited them in and they entered each with a backpack. I sent them to my back room that had a bed they could share. After settling in they came out and sat with me in my living/bed room. I had my queen sized bed set up in my living room as being disabled it was more convenient for me. We talked for a bit then they changed into sleeping clothes. Coming back out Alyssa was wearing a blue and white sleep bra with a pair of loose blue shorts and nothing else.
    Her daughter Kayla was wearing a light blue short teddy and nothing else. As we sat watching the television I noticed Alyssa was nodding off a d suggested they go to bed. Kayla laughed and said her mom had taken sleeping pills and would likely not make it to the bed in the back room. Kayla helped her mom to lie down on my bed where she stretched out beside me. Kayla smiled and sat down saying go ahead have fun with her.
    Tentatively I reached out and ran my hand over Alyssa's breast pinching her nipple. She moaned but otherwise showed no reaction. I shifted her bra off of her breasts admiring her small but firm pert breasts as her nipples hardened in the cool air. Then I slid her shorts down her legs and tossed them off to the side of the bed. Then I sat back and admired her body. She was a petite but fit woman in her early thirties.
    Her feet were small but cute and cared for , long tanned legs , smooth shaved groin , her skin was silky smooth with a medium tan. Her flat abdomen was perfect along with her firm c-cup breasts that were topped by pencil eraser sized hard nipples. Her neck was long and supple with an oval head atop it. Her face was beyond pretty with a wide mouth with lines on each side when she smiled. Her face was thin with large brown eyes plucked eyebrows over each eye.
    Her hair was light golden brown silky and shoulder length. I ran my hand over one breast as I leaned over and sucked in her nearest nipple lightly biting it as I pulled on it stretching it out. She moaned as I moved my hand from her breast down between her legs slipping two fingers into her already wet cunt. I stroked her vagina until she was close to cumming but stopped before she did. I repeated this multiple times until she was moaning and groaning with her arousal.
    Finally I brought her to climax she screamed and squirted when she orgasmed panting as she recovered from her powerful orgasm. It was so powerful that her pussy actuallly tried to suck my fingers in as she orgasmed. I grinned because now ...