1. How I Helped My Step-Sister

    Date: 2/12/2024, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: Jakeburns78, Source: LushStories

    As I sat naked and exhausted in the armchair I looked across at Bella, beautiful and very naked, sleeping, with a smile on her face, almost radiant in the afterglow of our lovemaking. I had to ask myself, how in the hell did I end up, at fifty-three years of age, fucking my twenty-eight-year-old stepsister?
    Well, Let Me Tell You
    My parents divorced when I was about fifteen, five years later my father met and married a considerably younger second wife, and about five years after that they had a baby girl they called Arabella. So there I was, twenty-five with a new little sister. I had very little to do with her growing up as I had moved out and into my own home and started working. I had then gotten married myself (although never had kids) but saw her at family get-togethers and such. She got married at eighteen and had two kids almost straight away. Her hubby never gave me a good vibe, but he was her problem not mine.
    A few years later my father and stepmother retired and moved off to the south of France to live, so except for her husband and kids, I was pretty much Bella’s only family left in the UK. I saw her on and off through the years and got cards and stuff at Christmas and birthdays.
    Then one stormy July evening there was a knocking at my door, I opened it to find Bella standing there with her two kids (now about eight and ten years old) and each one was carrying a suitcase. I hadn’t seen her for about seven years, since my wife’s funeral, she looked cold and wet and miserable.
    “What’s going on?” I asked.
    “I’ve left the bastard, and for good this time.”
    I knowingly smiled. This wasn’t the first time she had walked out (she always went back). Then she looked up and tried to smile. What a mess, black eye, split lip and bruising all over her face. My blood boiled, I was ready to get in my car, drive to their home and beat seven bells of shit out of her husband. I may have been in my fifties, but I had looked after myself and went to the gym regularly so I knew I could handle myself. I was a little over six feet tall, and a hefty sixteen stone (224 lbs. American). A little heavy around the waist, but otherwise I was in good shape. The tears welled-up in Bella’s eyes. She pleaded with me not to do it.
    I ushered them through to the kitchen, they were all cold and wet. I got towels from the bedroom and gave them to Bella to get her and the kids dry. She looked at me, the tears were welling up again. I told her to get the kids and herself through a warm bath and get dry clothes on. I would make something for them to eat, then we could talk.
    About thirty minutes later, Bella and the kids came into the kitchen looking a lot better. The kids were quite shy as they were very little the last time I saw them. I gave them all something to eat and said to Bella, “I’ve made up the spare room for you and the kids, you will have to sleep in one bed tonight, it’s all I have and we can make better arrangements tomorrow.”
    Bella ...