1. Korean Wine Shop

    Date: 2/12/2024, Categories: Interracial Author: bykiwi857, Source: Literotica

    In case you have not read some of my previous encounters let me give you a quick review—I am a sixty-two old male living in SoCal. I have been divorced for a few years. I began going on legit dating websites to find a mate but soon discovered that my taste had turned to petite women with dark hair of which most were Asian. Most of my past experiences were from these websites or encounters with a Thai masseuse named Katie the following recent experience is an exception in that I met a Korean woman at her place of business.
    Korean Wine Shop
    I was doing some business in OC, CA in the city of Irvine, which held good memories from the past in terms of quality Asian women in the 45-55-age range. I had seen the Asian population of Irvine evolve from predominately Korean to Japanese to Chinese over the last two decades—it's interesting how those things happen.
    When I finished up on Jamboree Rd near some expensive high-rise condos that also had first floor retail and offices I decided to go into what looked like a little market but in reality turned out to be a nice wine and charcuterie shop. I almost turned around but then saw a cooler with mineral water and a display of nuts—perfect I thought. This was a very nice shop and saw they had an area for tastings and even a cozy fireplace surrounded by some nice leather sofas and chairs that gave the place a warm feeling. An interesting aspect of this building was that an ex-girlfriend of three years lived upstairs and this shop was not here then.
    As I walked up to the counter I saw an attractive Asian woman behind the counter—Korean I suspected and about fifty years old with a nice shape. I am attracted to Korean women and she fit that sexy mature look perfectly.
    I said hello and put my items down for her to ring me up.
    "Hello to you," she said with the smallest of smiles.
    I went to pay with a credit card. She looked at my card and told me to just tap it. I tried and it wouldn't work and I could tell she was a little annoyed.
    "No you do too fast. Wait for blue light," she said a bit demanding.
    Now I knew she was Korean. Korean woman can a bit bossy and aloof which in an odd way I find attractive when I'm attracted to them.
    "There we go," I said as it finally worked. "No worries. I knew I would get it." I gave her a big smile.
    "Yes," she said and her smiled returned. It was if she realized she was a
    being a bit stern. "Thank you."
    I gave her another smile and grabbed my items. As I got into my car I could see her looking at me and when I smiled she looked a little shy and embarrassed that I caught her. She was attractive.
    _______ _______ _______ _______ _______
    About three weeks later I was in the same area and decided to pay another visit to the shop for some sparkling water and almonds to hold me over until dinner.
    As I walked in I saw her from the back bending over opening up some boxes of wine. I thought to myself,"Nice ass and hips." I stood about fifteen ...