1. Luna's Turn

    Date: 2/13/2024, Categories: Lesbian Author: bygraceandhoney, Source: Literotica

    Taking a step back, she watched as Luna recovered from her orgasm. She was so beautiful, coming all over her face and her brush. She could smell and taste her still on her lips. She was ready to really play with her but didn't want to push too much.
    Luna was sweet and was clearly exploring her sexuality. Though their connection was instant, the conversation took turns and had interruptions as they couldn't focus much beyond their chemistry. Amelia knew she was interested and very attracted to Luna and wanted to get to know her even more. She wasn't sure she'd have the chance, but if all she had was tonight, she was going to make it count. She wanted to see what her sweet girl would do next.
    Luna lay there, almost stunned, realizing that she was essentially naked and Amelia was still fully clothed. She desperately wanted Amelia. She had never had any experiences with anyone before today but after kisses that made her weak in the knees and orgasms that made her lose her mind, she knew she wasn't ready to be done.
    Luna stared at Amelia through parted lips. She had never experienced anything like this. When she woke up this morning, she was just a college girl going about her day. She met a stranger who she instantly felt connected to. She felt safe. Amelia made her feel cared for and challenged. Never before had Luna let her guard down like this, and so quickly. She could feel herself wondering about Amelia - what was her story and her background? What secrets did this gorgeous temptress have? But before she let her mind continue to spiral to what ifs, she took a deep breath. She had a feeling the night was far from over.
    She wasn't sure if she'd ever see Amelia again and she had to know what was under those clothes.
    "Amelia," she said breathlessly as she sat up. Amelia said nothing but took a step closer to Luna. Luna's legs rested on either side of Amelia's soft body, and she felt exhilarated having her between her thighs. Somewhere in the back of her mind, there was a small voice whispering that she should be insecure and what did she even know about pleasing a woman? But she quieted that voice and decided she needed to try.
    Amelia wasn't saying anything, just looking at Luna with beautiful intensity. Luna's legs tightened almost involuntarily around Amelia's waist. "Amelia," Luna said again. "I want to try and make you feel good...um...will you let me try?"
    Amelia smiled at her and slid a hand into the hair at the nape of her neck. Pulling her gently forward, she brushed her lips across hers and then said, "Yes, my dear. I would love for you to make me feel good."
    With a sigh, Luna leaned in and kissed Amelia. She opened her mouth, willing Amelia to explore her with her tongue. And oh, did Amelia comply. Their tongues twirled and battled as Luna squeezed Amelia's hips.
    Having Luna's tongue battling hers was making Amelia feel desperate. Without being too forceful, she wondered if she could teach ...