1. Luna's Turn

    Date: 2/13/2024, Categories: Lesbian Author: bygraceandhoney, Source: Literotica

    ... Luna how to please her or if that would hurt the girl's feelings. Her panties were sopping wet, and she was on the edge so decided to go for it, praying she didn't scare her off.
    Finding one of Luna's hands, she interlaced their fingers and drew her hand down her body until they were brushing the top of her jeans. "I want you to feel how wet you made me. How much making you cum turned me on," Amelia said. Luna fumbled with Amelia's button and zipper and slipped her hand inside Amelia's jeans. Amelia smirked as Luna's face showed her shock as her fingers found her panty-less and absolutely drenched. Her jeans were a mess. Luna's fingers gently and tentatively found her clit and Amelia let out a soft sigh. "Oh, my good girl. Play with my pussy. It's so wet for you."
    Luna smiled to herself as her fingers found the softest and most delicate pussy. She slipped a finger through Amelia's labia and ran her finger up and down her lips, circling her opening and then running them up again to circle her clit. Amelia was sighing and money. Calling her good girl was getting her all hot and bothered again. Her confidence was building, and she realized that just because she hadn't ever played with someone else's pussy, she had definitely played with her own and she knew what she was doing.
    She continued to stroke Amelia's pussy as Amelia squirmed and moaned. Luna pulled Amelia closer to her body with her legs and with her other arm, wrapped it around her body. She whispered, "I can't believe how wet you are." And it's all for me, she thought. God, she felt good on her feelings, she had never felt anything like it. Sliding a finger inside of Amelia, she started to pump her finger in and out.
    "Mm yes, Luna. That feels so good," Amelia moaned. Luna added a second finger and picked up the pace. She wanted to make Amelia feel as good as she felt.
    Luna's exploration of her was sweet and she loved it. She loved seeing Luna's confidence growing as she played with her pussy. Her fingers were pumping inside of her and her pussy dripping down her hand. She could see how pleased Luna was as she writhed and squirmed, more turned on than she had been in a while.
    Amelia wanted to push Luna and take the reins. "My sweet girl, that feels so incredible. Do you feel how wet you make me?"
    Luna nodded.
    "Do you want to taste me?" Amelia asked, knowing this may be Luna's first time.
    Luna's fingers stilled inside Amelia's pussy, and she looked hesitant but determined. She started to slowly drag her fingers out and then up and through Amelia's pussy, slowly teasing her. Before she withdrew her hand, Amelia shuddered as Luna's fingers twirled around her clit.
    "Oh Luna, you tease. That feels so good."
    Luna smiled shyly, clearly pleased to have made Amelia feel good. Amelia waited with anticipation to see if Luna would follow her lead. "Taste me, sweet girl."
    Luna brought her fingers up to her mouth and Amelia watched as the tip of ...