1. Luna's Turn

    Date: 2/13/2024, Categories: Lesbian Author: bygraceandhoney, Source: Literotica

    ... her pink tongue peeked out of her mouth and licked. Luna moaned and shoved both fingers into her mouth. "Oh, what a good girl. Suck on your fingers." Amelia watched as Luna lost herself.
    Amelia continued to gently coo at Luna and said, "Come taste me, darling."
    Luna nodded, eager for more. Amelia took a step backward and pulled Luna's hips forward until she tilted off the counter. Taking her by the hand, she led her away from the kitchen and towards her bedroom. As they walked into her room, she turned to watch Luna. Luna's face was curious and open, shy, but not scared. Perfect, she thought.
    "Luna, I can be demanding. I like to take control and get exactly what I want. I don't want to overwhelm you, so I'll let you make this choice. I am desperate to push you onto my bed and climb on top of you. I want to tease your pussy and then ride your face, taking my pleasure. But if that sounds like too much for you tonight, then I'll lay down on the bed and let you choose what happens next."
    While she was talking, she watched Luna's body and face for her reaction. She could see Luna swaying slightly towards her and started to squirm. When she spoke about taking her pleasure, Luna blushed but she looked intrigued.
    "Tell me, sweet girl. What will it be?" Amelia asked.
    "Take your pleasure," Luna responded, as she moved past Amelia and laid on the luxurious bed. Amelia watched as Luna was laid out before her. Aching at the idea of what came next, she started stripping out of her jeans and sweater. Unveiling her body, covered in black lace, Luna's jaw dropped as she watched.
    "Do you like what you see?" Amelia asked.
    Luna nodded.
    "Good," Amelia said as she gently unhooked her bra and then shimmied out of the matching lace bottoms. She crawled onto the bed and straddled Luna's hips. Leaning down, she unhooked Luna's bra and tossed it off. The most beautiful perky sight, she thought. Luna's pink and soft nipples were hardened to delicate nubs. She leaned down and sucked her tit into her mouth, twirling her tongue around her nipple. Luna arched up into Amelia and Amelia ran a hand down Luna's side to hold her still.
    She released her nipple with a pop and smiled at Luna, "Your nipples are perfect. What do you think of mine?"
    Amelia leaned forward until her breasts were dangling in front of Luna's face, her hard nipples inches from her mouth. Luna's breath tickled across her skin as she said "Beautiful."
    Amelia took one hand and used it to push gently on Luna's chin, opening her mouth. "Suck," she instructed as she placed her nipples inside Luna's mouth. Luna moaned and accepted her breast into her mouth. She began to suck and she started writhing. Amelia shifted to slip one of her legs between Luna's and Luna's wet pussy started to rub and hump against her bare thigh. "Oh, my good girl likes this, huh? Ride my leg darling. Because in a minute, your pussy is going to be aching and desperate and very empty."
    Luna moaned, ...