1. Luna's Turn

    Date: 2/13/2024, Categories: Lesbian Author: bygraceandhoney, Source: Literotica

    ... clearly loving how Amelia was talking to her. Amelia held herself up as Luna sucked on her breast, twirling her tongue around her nipple. She felt Luna's pussy rubbing shamelessly on her leg and she loved the feeling of this desperate writhing girl beneath her. But she needed more. And she was going to have to deny her girl for a bit to do it.
    Pulling back, she pulled her breast out of Luna's mouth and said, "That should be enough of a warm-up. Do you want more?" Luna nodded and said "Yes, please. I really need to taste you. Please."
    That's exactly what Amelia wanted to hear. She shifted up until she hovered above Luna's face. She could feel Luna's soft puffs of breath on her wet pussy. She was soaking. She looked down and made eye contact with Luna. "Make me cum, sweet girl."
    Luna's eyes filled with determination, which Amelia found equally endearing and incredibly hot. Luna reached up, a little hesitantly, as she pulled Amelia's hips down. Amelia carefully hovered, not wanting to smother Luna, but let her pull her down closer. Bracing herself on the headboard, she felt Luna take her first tentative lick. Amelia let out a little moan that spurred Luna on. Encouraged by the reaction, she started to lick with enthusiasm. She was unpracticed and inexperienced but that little tongue was majestic. Luna was trying to lick Amelia clean, and the effort was delicious. Amelia started to move her hips gently, riding Luna's tongue. She could feel Luna moaning underneath her, clearly enjoying the experience as well. The hours of playing with Luna had brought Amelia to the edge. It wouldn't take long of Luna's efforts to make her orgasm. She hoped she would have another chance to teach Luna exactly what she liked but for now, she enjoyed feeling the tongue exploring her, licking up and down her labia, circling her opening and even shoving her tongue inside of her, trying to fuck her with her tongue.
    As she was getting closer, Amelia said, "Luna dear your tongue is so good. Will you please suck my clit?" Immediately, Luna's tongue circled Amelia's clit and then she flicked it side to side. Surprised and impressed, Amelia ground down. "More," she moaned. Luna took Amelia's clit in her mouth and sucked, hard. Amelia was taken by surprise. Her little girl was getting bolder. "Yes, just like that," she moaned. She continued to grind into Luna's mouth, chasing her orgasm. Luna's tongue alternated between twirling her clit and sucking gently. She looked down and saw Luna's eyes watching her eagerly and openly and Amelia was pushed over the edge. She cried out as she felt the orgasm come over her. Her legs were shaking, and Luna has stopped sucking her clit and had gently started lapping at her pussy, licking up all her juices. Loving the attention and that Luna was clearly enjoying herself, she lifted herself up a little and said, "Oh my girl. That was perfect, thank you. Are you cleaning me up too?"
    She felt Luna nod slightly as she continued to lap ...