1. Laura, The Lorry Driver

    Date: 2/14/2024, Categories: Lesbian Author: byNellymcboatface, Source: Literotica

    Hi, this is my entry into theValentine's Day Story Contest 2023 and it is a long, slow-burn romance.
    So please, stick with it until the end, before you judge or vote on it.
    If this doesn't suit you, then please, read either any other stories of mine or another contestant's stories.
    A special thanks to Nicole for Beta reading at short notice, giving advice and support throughout multiple changes.
    Other thanks to another friend, who unknowingly inspired Bea's character and continues to make me laugh.
    A chance meeting with a truck driver inspired the story.
    Laura climbed back up into her lorry's cab after finishing her last delivery on one of the largest local caravan parks on her patch. She slumped into the driving seat, pulling the door sharply closed behind her, shutting out the thundering rain. Thankfully, her fluorescent coat and leggings had kept her dry except for the odd drip down her neck. She wriggled in her chair and pulled her coat's hood off her head.
    With a sigh of relief, she fired the old truck's diesel engine up and the heater fan whirred into action, fighting to clear the condensation from the inside of the windscreen as Laura flicked the wipers on to fight the rain on the outside. She had over an hour before being expected back at the depot.
    More importantly, her only friend Bea was on the other side of the caravan park. As always, whether delivering to clients in the park or just locally, Laura had rushed through her schedule to ensure she'd have time to call in for a cup of tea with her favourite customer.
    She'd started her new job earlier that year and loved the independence. At first, delivering LPG was a little scary, knowing that behind her sat a tank of nearly three thousand UK gallons of Liquefied Petroleum Gas held under pressure, but the instructors set aside her fears on the LPG tanker operators course the company sent her on.
    After driving forty footers, the short tanker was a breeze. Luckily her reputation on the long trailers had caught the ears of the boss and he'd head-hunted her. The shorter hours and pay offer had tempted her, but the opportunity to be home every night made it an offer she couldn't refuse.
    Bea was one of her earliest customers and after that first meeting, Laura engineered her schedules to visit as often as possible. Over the year she'd known her, Bea became the closest thing to a friend she had. She loved watching Bea curl the bands of her hair around her fingers as she gabbled on relentlessly about everything and nothing.
    Normally she found overly chatty people annoying, but Bea has an innocence that endeared her to Laura. Even with her blindly jabbered on, she never had a bad word to say about anything or anyone and always found the silver lining on every cloud.
    More importantly, the short brunette was the most gorgeous woman she had ever met, witty, bubbly and as cute as hell. Her smile is a ray of sunshine on a stormy day that produced cute ...