1. The Coffee Shop Ch. 05

    Date: 2/15/2024, Categories: Lesbian Author: byAoife_from_Ulster, Source: Literotica

    The Coffee Shop - Ch. 5
    A/N -I would like to share with you chapter 5 of this fun little fictional jaunt. Who knew a dreamy little tale like this would be so much fun, thinking back to what life could be like starting all over again.
    As a bit of fun and for future chapters I have added asignificantbut very fun twist to this chapter.
    "The road we travel is controlled by us and the others we allow to influence our path only if we accept their guidance. Until then, our path is ours!" Aoife
    I was hesitant, nervous and scared. I took the letter and opened it. Pulling out the single sheet of paper I read it.
    Dear Miss Doherty,
    Congratulations! On behalf of Dean Alexander G Collins and the Admissions Department at Point Park University you are hereby granted acceptance as a3rd year studentin the University'sConservatory of Performing Artson theBachelors of Fine Artwith a concentration ofMusic Theatertrack.We welcome you to theFall 2020semester.
    I fell onto the chair, joyful tears flowing from my eyes.
    *** End of Ch. 4 ***
    The sunlight shone bright as I finished my jog on this first Tuesday of June. I felt exhausted but refreshed and so alive.
    The new me which Beth had created, she has me exercising, running and swimming, and doing yoga once a week. I feel stronger and healthier. I am in so much better physical shape and mental health all because of her love. I started to feel so much better about myself. A two mile jog every other day, which I worked up to, then the swimming on the other days, all leading to my new physical conditioning. Yoga helped me focus especially when finals were stressful.
    It all made me feel so alive. On the days I am with Beth she takes me on a two-mile race, so it seems as if she is a sprinter. I try to keep up with her.
    I was feeling excited. Michaela was coming home today, our second years of college completed, hers at Chapel Hill, and mine at CCAC. Francis would be moving home next week for the summer as the dorms were closing.
    I walked in the house after finishing my run. I removed my headphones and looked at my text messages. I grinned from ear to ear. That tingling feeling returned. It started at my ears, from smiling and traveled to the base of my neck, then down my spine. I burst into a shiver reading Beth's text.
    "Morning dear. It's a day filled with joy knowing you were the first thought when I woke. Kisses and hugs, yours Beth."
    I ran to my bedroom stripping and made my way to the shower. Feeling the warm water cascade down my body I thought back knowing how amazing her touch was, and will be.
    I slowly ran my left hand down over my breast, down further over my mound. Spreading my fingers I teased my outer lips just caressing my pussy remembering the thrill when Beth lapped at me as we made love. Just two days ago, we made love well into the Sunday morning hours. I already miss her touch.
    We dined at Eleven again; a dual celebration. She ...