1. The Girl - Stories: Uncle Ben 3

    Date: 2/16/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth, Non-consensual Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Teen Masturbation / Toys Mature / Older Rape / Violence / Cruelty Role-Playing, Trans Author: boardpin123, Source: sexstories.com

    ... more of begging, he let go of the piece of bacon, and she caught it in her mouth. After chewing on it, she "barked" two times.
    After Ben finished, he placed the cold scrambled eggs and cold toast in the bowl, he then poured some milk on it, and beacon grease from the frying pan, and squashed it into a pulp with a spoon.
    --- "No hands" --- he ordered while she approached the bowl.
    She started to eat. Eating this disgusting pulp, out of an old dog bowl, on her hands and knees, was very degrading. She thought he was still a bit mad at her for interrupting his jack offs. She felt his eyes on her body, the whole time. The food was awful, but that was the way it should be. She licked every last drop of it from the bowl, as Ben checked out her ass, which she was sticking high in the air.
    He got up from the table, and opened a drawer in the storage cupboard. He then came to her, and placed something under her waistband.
    She looked back, and saw it was a furry tail, which was sticking now up above her back. Ben wasn't happy about the placement, and he tried to fix it, but it was constantly in the wrong direction.
    --- "I think you know a good place to stick it in, so it would hang just the right way." --- she said wiggling her ass suggestively.
    Ben was nearly certain she meant her asshole, but would not risk asking. He sat defeated holding the tail. She went to him on all fours, and took it from him.
    --- "Thank you for this beautiful tail. Don't worry, I'll sew it in. It will look perfect on me."
    Ben smiled again.
    Throughout the day Ben ordered her heavy chores. She noticed he got over his initial discomfort about her cleaning or cooking. Or he just was in a bad mood because of the sexual frustration. No matter the reason, she was scraping floors, cleaning toilet and hand-washing crusty stains from old socks. She was pretty sure they were socks he used to masturbate himself, and they were crusty with dried semen.
    She enjoyed the new Ben, as he was innovative in treating her in degrading ways. Like the time when he came while she was washing the socks. He wasn't happy with the result, so he grabbed one, and stuck it under her nose, holding the back of her head and ordered her to sniff. He barked at her to clean them properly. Later he apologized for it, but she loved it. She even said that it's exactly the way you would treat a dog, and wiggled her tail. She sewn in on the back of her boxers. He smiled at that and didn't give her any slack for the rest of the day.
    In the evening, Ben sat on the coach and watched some TV. Lilly laid on her belly on the floor, between him and the TV, waving her legs in the air. She checked the TV schedule and found a good film. Then she suggested checking out the channel. The film was about a slowly developing relationship between a male teacher and a boy pupil.
    Ben enjoyed the film, drinking a beer she brought him. Lilly was swaying her ass, wagging the sewn tail. She purred like a cat, ...