1. The Girl - Stories: Uncle Ben 3

    Date: 2/16/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth, Non-consensual Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Teen Masturbation / Toys Mature / Older Rape / Violence / Cruelty Role-Playing, Trans Author: boardpin123, Source: sexstories.com

    ... sticking her ass up, and allowing the tail to fall between her ass-cheeks.
    --- "That's enough." --- said Ben.
    Lilly didn't react, as she thought he's just decided to stop watching. Ben got some bottle from the drawer beside the computer and came back to her. She felt his presence behind herself. She felt his hand on her back, pushing her head and chest to the ground.
    --- "Stay down." --- he said in a low voice, slipping pants off her ass.
    --- "Yes, uncle." --- she said in a bit frightened voice.
    He knelt behind her and pulled the pants from under her knees, which made her naked from waist down. He lowered his boxers and applied what looked like a lotion onto his very erect penis. "How considerate of you, uncle, to use lube, while you rape my ass." she thought to herself.
    --- "Uncle, what are you ..." --- she started to say, and was silenced by a hard slap on the ass.
    --- "Shut up, and just let it happen." --- he said in a low voice, grabbing her with his huge hand, and aiming his dick at Lilly's tiny hole.
    There was no foreplay this time, no fondling, or even lubing her ass. He just pushed his hard dick at her sphincter and forced it in her.
    --- "Aah" --- she cried out when he pushed his dick in, making her nearly collapse.
    His hand pulled her back up, just as another thrust came. He started to fuck her, stretching her asshole to it's limits. He fucked hard, like a man who didn't fuck anything for a long time. Too long. She tried to hold to the floor and meet his thrusts with her bottom, but it was hard. Even with the lube, his fucking was hurtful, and her knees ached, As he got more into it, he grabbed her hands, and placed them behind her.
    --- "Yeah. Like that." --- he said to nobody in particular, pulling on her hands, crossed behind her back.
    This position was even more degrading. And even more uncomfortable, as his trusts were now only supported on the side of her face. He quickly started to grunt. He grabbed and pulled her collar, choking her a bit, and made a last few deep thrusts. She felt like her colon was straightened again. He was pulling so hard on her collar and crossed hands as he came, that her head was lifted from the floor for a brief moment. He was so strong and so lost in his lust, she got genuinely scared for a moment, that he may strangle her by accident. Her only real thought about it was really that she didn't want him to hate himself for it, or have problems because of it.
    Finally, after filling her belly with his cum, he let go, and they both collapsed on the floor. He pulled out and sat on his knees, and she collapsed on her face, with her hands still behind her back. After catching his breath, Ben rose and approached Lilly. She did not know what to expect, and just as she turned her head, she felt him grab her collar. He pulled her up to her knees by the collar, and them pulled her behind himself and sat on the couch. Throughout the way she kept her hands behind her back, and ...