1. The Night Visitor ...

    Date: 2/17/2024, Categories: True Stories Non-consensual Sex BDSM Author: D4davidxxx, Source: sexstories.com

    I was laying across my bed reading when I heard the light tapping at my window. Fear gripped me as I made my way to the window and peered thru the drapes. There looking up was Daniel, one of my three attackers.
    Frighten as to why he was there at my home and not wanting him to interact with my folks, I opened the window about three inches. I asked ' ... What you doing here? ...' Daniel answered ' ... If you want, I'll go around and knock at the door! If not open the window! ...'
    Fearful what would happen if he met my folks I raised the window. Daniel had no problem of muscling his self into my room. He looked around and reached for my wrist. I tried to twist away but he held tight and gave me instructions.
    ' ... Go get some Vaseline and hurry back, don't want to upset your folks! ...' I looked at him in shock as he let go of my wrist. Not moving Daniel started for the door saying ' ... no problem, I'll ask them where they keep it? ... '
    Quickly I got between him and the door saying ' ... No, no I'll get it just wait here! ... ' Seeing that Daniel stood still I opened my door and went into the bath and pushed the door partially close. I waited a few seconds then washed my hands and flushed the toilet. Retrieving the jar of Vaseline I went back to my room.
    Daniel was sitting on the edge of my bed taking off his tennis. He stood and removed the rest of his clothing. Daniels massive teen penis stood fully erect, I trembled as I remembered the first time I saw his erect member.
    I started to speak but could only stutter ' ... Da ... Da ... Daniel my folks are out side you can't ... ' Daniel lift his hand, palm facing me, saying ' ... I want bother them. They will be going to bed soon anyway! ... ' Dumbfounded I watched as Daniel disrobe and sat back down.
    Daniel spoke softly ' ... do as I say and they want even know I been here, don't do as I say and you will have to explain to them why I am here with no clothes on! ...' Dejected I exhaled as Daniel placed a small bottle of baby oil on the bed stand.
    Daniel spread his knees apart and took hold of his monumental member and started to stroke it slowly. Daniel was huge his penis was as thick as my wrist and close to twelve inches (31 cm) long. His penile glans was the size of a small peach purplish black in color. There was a bead of clear liquid that formed from his urethra.
    Daniel instructed '... come here and kiss my dick! ... ' Again I protested '... Daniel, my folks are still in the living room! ...' Daniel raised his voice saying ' ... if you don't want them to know I am here you best do as I say! ... ' Seeing that he was going to get louder I immediately dropped down between his knees and leaned forward and kissed his dick head.
    Daniel looked at me and said '... if I have to ask you twice I will get loud. Do as I say and we will get along good! Now this is what you are going to do, take hold of my dick just above my balls and put your other hand above that one. Yeah, ...