1. Ball Busted into Slavery

    Date: 2/20/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Torture, BDSM Non-consensual Sex Author: Verwirrt, Source: sexstories.com

    Ballbusted into Slavery
    Chapter 1
    There are many who would say I had it coming. I was amused by stories of other men being subjected to cock and ball torture by sadistic women and looked at websites about it. I giggled at movies where some guy took it in the eggs and made a lot of barnyard jokes about some bitch “having him by the balls” or saying someone should crush some jerk’s nuts.
    By myself, I imagined a woman squeezing my naked balls while I writhed in pain but never thought anything like that could happen to me or that there were women who would really do such a thing. I imagined being a slave to women who owned my nuts. I guess I wanted all that in some way but would never have admitted it even to myself.
    Of course, I imagined that it would be some beautiful women with huge boobs that would enslave me. That’s not quite what happened.
    Even before what happened, I was in pretty good shape, about 6 feet, and pretty well endowed although not a freak. I have a larger than average cock, about 7 inches when rock hard, and kind of large balls.
    My life hasn’t gone so great. 37 when this story began, I was an English major in a state college before dropping out and starting to take a lot of jobs that weren’t too challenging. For the last couple years, I had been working in the mail room of a big accounting firm. I kept the copier running, distributed mail, watered plants, carried shit to the parking lot, and did a bunch of other menial crap.
    I played games and looked at porn on the computer in the mail room that we were supposed to just use for company email and ordering supplies, but I thought I’d been pretty careful to delete the porn I looked at when things were slow.
    I was married two years. My ex-wife said I did not satisfy her needs and was too self-centered. She had worked for the same company as me but got another job in a nearby city after the divorce.
    I don’t think I’m stupid, but mental tasks much more complicated than ordering more copy paper seem boring. My attention span got shorter and shorter. On the weekend, I liked playing games, drinking beer, looking at porn sites, and jerking off to a wide variety of porn. But that has all changed.
    One Friday night after work, I went out to work to a local bar down the road. With me were a few guys and Debbie from the office. Debbie was the assistant office manager and my boss. Debbie had not really paid much attention to me as far as I knew. I did what she said. She did not ask for much but got what she asked for.
    Debbie is no beauty queen but kind of hot for a lady about 40. Average height, Hair dyed blonde, A tad overweight maybe but not gross and the big knockers give her a pretty good bod even if her belly could be flatter and her thighs thinner. Anyway, most men would fuck her. I may have looked a bit too much at her boobs when she leaned forward to use the copying machine.
    In the bar, we started out talking about work gossip. Debbie suggested she might ...