1. Ball Busted into Slavery

    Date: 2/20/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Torture, BDSM Non-consensual Sex Author: Verwirrt, Source: sexstories.com

    ... know some interesting facts about me but never elaborated on it. Over time, women I did not know sat down with us who were friends of other people in our party. Mainly, they were friends of Debbie and friends of friends of Debbie.
    Eventually, all the people I knew, including Debbie, had left to be with their families, girlfriends, boyfriends or televisions. Being a single guy in my late 30s with nothing to do but go home to the computer to play games, I just kept drinking as long as there were people at the table. About 10:30, it was just me and four women there who I had not met before that night. Two of them I’d definitely like to fuck and the other two I’d be willing to fuck after a few beers. I did not catch all of their names at first except one had a great figure and big boobs I wanted to squeeze like crazy. She was named Sheila. Another woman was a kind of small Asian woman with a pretty good figure and a name I couldn’t pronounce and a grudge against white men who thought they should own her. I’ve learned her name is Nguyet.
    The other two it developed were divorcees in their 40s working somewhere boring. These two had grudges against their ex-husbands and their current bosses. The two blondes were a little overweight, taller than average, had pretty big boobs and seemed to be somewhere from the south. One, Marilyn, was a bleach blond and the other one, Jane, a dishwater blond. Most of the night I could not remember their names. I did not really give a shit about their names but thought I’d be willing to fuck them on a couple beers.
    There was a lot of talk about male assholes at their workplaces. I did not say much but thought about what it would be like to fuck each of them. Then one of the divorcees said, something about how she’d really like to go after the nuts of the asshole who ran the office she was working for. She told story of how he’d made her make copies all through her lunch hour but would not let her leave work early. Generally, the women were acting like I was not there. They got crude about what they’ve like to do to various assholes in their lives and how they’d like to make them pay. The Asian woman, apparently the most bitter of all, said something about how she sure had some balls in mind to crush. I kind of mockingly spoke up at that point to say that I did not think woman really were into that kind of shit and that none of them would really want to hurt a guy in his balls.
    I should have gone home after I saw the look that Sheila and Nguyet gave me and then each other.
    The subject eventually changed to where to go from the bar. Sheila of the luscious tits, said that we should get out of the dive, go to a place where she had some beer and other supplies and get high. I did not know whether I was invited or not but she looked at me and said that I should come by and learn more about life and my place.
    It turned out the apartment wasn’t far from the bar. It was in an old motel that had been converted to ...