1. Ball Busted into Slavery

    Date: 2/20/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Torture, BDSM Non-consensual Sex Author: Verwirrt, Source: sexstories.com

    ... apartments. Only a few apartments had been leased. The one we went to was at the end of the row with a few unoccupied rooms between it and the nearest occupied apartment.
    There was not much to the apartment, just one room with a sitting area of chairs arranged around a kind of strange coffee table that was a trunk, a metal frame bed against the wall, a kitchen area and a bathroom. I was pretty loaded and went in and helped myself to a beer and sat in the biggest chair in the sitting area. I should have noticed the picture on the refrigerator of a naked guy tied down screaming with a woman squeezing of his balls but I only saw that later.
    The host put on some weird jazz music I’d not heard. I mainly listen to country. She rolled a joint that was passed around the 5 of us. Sitting on the floor because there were only four chairs in the small apartment, Sheila returned to the subject of men. She suggested they were all jerks and slobs and not good for much. I was again thinking that maybe I ought to be going after I finished my beer and offered her my chair. I sat on the “coffee table” that was actually a big trunk in the middle of the room.
    The conversation went to some soap opera I did not watch and how much they hated one guy in the show. Dishwasher blond Jane said he needed a lot of sharp cracks to his junk but bleach blond Marilyn said that there were a lot of ways to hurt a guy that do not involve his prick or testicles. Nguyet agreed with Marilyn but said that hurting balls was best. I finished my beer and went to use the toilet. I did not see the picture on the door facing the toilet because I pissed facing the john and left quickly because the Nguyet was in a hurry to get in there.
    When I got back in the living room, there has been some talk about something and Sheila is playing with a pack of cards on the trunk. I suggested maybe I should go but Nguyet had gotten back and lighted another joint. Sheila said the party was just getting started. “How about some poker?” I said I really have only about 10 bucks cash left on me so the stakes would have to be pretty small unless they all intended to let me win. Sheila said that we could have better stakes than that; how about strip poker?
    Obviously, looking back, I should have run, but I was pretty interested in Sheila and Nguyet and the other two ladies would also be amusing nude. Marilyn said she did not really know how to play poker. Sheila said we should make it easy. The high card lost an article of clothing. In case of a tie, both took something off.
    The odds looked pretty good that a woman would lose. I said, “sure but we only play to the first person loses all their clothes.” Nguyet said, “okay but we’re all adults who have seen cocks and pussies before, what happens to the loser? Dishwasher blond Jane stretched pushing her big boobs towards my face and said, “how about we do what we want to him.” Sheila corrected, “him or her” and said that if she lost that I could do ...