1. Ball Busted into Slavery

    Date: 2/20/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Torture, BDSM Non-consensual Sex Author: Verwirrt, Source: sexstories.com

    ... whatever I wanted with her.
    Sounded like I got to fuck the loser, which would be nice way to end the evening. But Sheila added that, with four women and one man, the odds were really too much against women. She suggested that a woman could take off an article for another woman if she wanted? I should have realized that this drastically changed the odds, but Sheila also stretched in a way that pushed out her tits and I said, “okay, what the fuck, but we all have to start with the same amount of clothes.” We agreed to count down from ten and that no one left until there was a loser.
    I don’t know how to do the math on the odds so I don’t know if I was unlucky or they cheated, but I soon was in trouble. Nguyet would have gone down quickly except that others started taking her losses and when the Jane got down to eight Sheila still had 7 in reserve to keep her from going out.
    After another joint and I don’t know how much time had gone by, I’m down to my boxers, while two of the women are in their bra and panties and the others have two or three pieces of clothing that they could take off if necessary. I said, “Boy, it is getting pretty late, what do you say we call it a night.” Nguyet says “no way.” I am as scared, erect and excited as can be. The next deal, I get the Ace of Clubs with the next highest card being Sheila’s Jack.
    The magnitude of the situation only now really hit me. Each of the divorcees takes one of my arms and Nguyet grabbed the elastic on my boxers. Out of fear and a reflex I start to say something or shout or babble but Sheila has gotten behind me and neatly somehow puts a ball gag in my mouth. I then realized that some of them had done this before, started to panic and began to kick. That doesn’t last long though because Nguyet grabbed my balls very hard, squeezed and said she’d crush my nuts if I did not settle down. I realized I was beat and, in a few seconds, I am strapped over the top of the trunk with my head hanging over one side, my raging hard-on just even with the opposite edge, and my balls hanging right over the edge. My legs are put in ropes and secured so that they are pulled back and a pillow is put under my ass which makes my cock and balls jut out so they are still more exposed.
    The ladies are all trading high fives and they open a drawer in the trunk that I had not noticed before. From the drawer emerges a bunch of items that Nguyet made a point of showing me including tongs like you use for turning meat on a fire, safety pins, clamps, pinking shears, pliers, paddles, riding crops, hat pins, knives, needles and a thing that looks like a strange hedge trimmer that I later learned was a burdizzo.
    Sheila looked at the two divorcees and said, we’ve only just met you tonight but I think you should have the honor of starting the ceremony. Try not to do any permanent damage, but I guess we could forgive you if you make a little mistake on your first time. With that, the Marilyn immediately took a pair ...