1. Stress Test

    Date: 3/17/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal BDSM Rape / Violence / Cruelty Enema, Extreme, Straight Sex Torture, Masturbation / Toys Author: ST99, Source: sexstories.com

    Casey lived in a world where virtual reality ruled supreme. Centuries of technological advances had allowed computers to become capable of replicating practically any sensation the human body could possibly experience. Simulated cyberspace was nearly indistinguishable from reality. Everybody owned a virtual reality headset. It was practically impossible to function in modern society without one.
    In this world, the most popular sex toy was without a doubt the Plugin-Plays, elegant androids that users could mentally possess through their virtual reality headsets. Beautiful, tireless, and very customizable, Plugin-Plays let adults engage in whatever erotic pleasures they wished through their own artificial doubles. They were quite widespread, to the point where there were more couples with a pair of Plugin-Plays than without.
    It was also well-known that Plugin-Plays were easy to retrofit, even those that were clearly not meant to be modified. Easily hacked and repurposed software, an overabundance of documented bugs within the code, hardware vulnerabilities, all that and more could be found in nearly every Plugin-Play on the market. Corporate regulations let manufacturers get away with guarding against only the most obvious avenues of attack, and all too often features and functions were included without appropriate amounts of testing. It was a problem the big businesses did their best to ignore, because the alternative would require harder work and stricter standards.
    Casey knew everything there was to know about breaking apart Plugin-Plays. She made a living buying old and damaged Plugin-Plays, refurbishing them, and then selling the end result for a tidy profit. There wasn’t any internal security she couldn’t circumvent or any hardware she couldn’t physically alter. It was an easy way to make money. Most customers were willing to pay premium prices for remodeled Plugin-Plays, especially if they wanted her to include any custom modifications. She had plenty of business.
    Nobody knew about Casey’s second job. It was a carefully hidden secret, in large part because it was incredibly illegal. She would take a doll and adjust their control schemas, making it so that the mind link could be initiated and sustained without the user’s permission. Alter how the toy transmitted physical sensations, change what the machine considered user privileges, and that left Casey with a Plugin-Play that could be used as an outright tool of torture. Then, when the lights were off and she was done for the day, she would load the modified Plugin-Play into her van and take it to a special mansion, an estate built deep in the woods. It was far away from prying eyes. She’d hand off the Plugin-Play to a group of very serious men, be given money, and leave. She always came home well rewarded for what was at most a few hours of extra work.
    But sometime she drove over without a Plugin-Play. Sometimes she’d park her car in one of their large garages and let those ...