1. Family Ties Ch.1_(0)

    Date: 3/18/2024, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Ass to Mouth, Masturbation / Toys Incest / Taboo Written by Women Author: XxnastygirlxX, Source: sexstories.com

    Lydia had just woken up realizing it was her 16th birthday. She got out of bed and went to her mirror what was staring back at her was a short girl about 5"2. She was wearing only her bra and panties showing her slim body. She had 32D size breast and very nice round ass. Lydia walked over to her closet to choose what she was going to wear for the day. As she was looking for clothes she seen the vibrating back massager in her closet, she used almost every day to masturbate with. She suddenly could feel her panties getting moist. She took the back massager and headed to her bed. She laid back pulling her panties to the side revealing her wet, tight, virgin pussy. She began rubbing her clit with her fingers warming herself up, which she didn't need to she was already soaked. She took the back massager and turned it on bringing it to her gently sliding up and down her wet pussy. She began feeling an orgasm and let out a short moan. As she was so wrapped up at the moment, she didn't realize her mother was coming to her door to wake her up for school.
    "Ohhhhh my god mom!" Lydia said while finishing her last orgasm.
    "Go clean yourself up and get ready for school we will talk about this later!" Said Brenda.
    Lydia embarrassingly went to the shower to clean herself up but was also kind of turned on by the fact of her mother walking in on her. She took her shower got dressed and ran downstairs.
    "Happy Birthday sweetie." Said Lydia's father, Mike
    "Thanks, dad"
    "Happy bday sis," said Lydia's very good-looking older brother Todd.
    "Yeah, thanks, Todd." She said. "Where is Sara?"
    "Your sister said she would be here after you get home from school because we all have a big surprise for you." Said Brenda.
    "Oh alright, we'll see ya!" Lydia said while heading out the door to go to school trying to avoid talking to her mom about what happened. Her mother didn't go after her, and she made it to school. Nothing important happened there that day her friends wished her Happy Birthday, and she went to her classes.Lydia decided to skip last period since it was her birthday and go home early. As Lydia was walking home, she was wondering what the big surprise was maybe a car or maybe something cool like getting to move in with her older sister. She got home and walked inside. She turned the corner to see her mother and brother fucking on the couch. She was In shock see something like this, but she was also very intrigued. She didn't make a noise and just sat to watch her mom bounce up and down on her brother cock. She could see he had about an eight and a half sized dick and that her mother was taking it all in. She was getting so wet seeing her mothers smaller tits about 36C bouncing around. She could feel her panties getting soaked she reached down and started to rub her clit watching her mother jump off her brother cock and take it a little more than halfway down her throat. As her brother was fucking their mother's throat he yelled ...