1. Mid Spring Fantasy

    Date: 3/20/2024, Categories: Masturbation / Toys Author: byglory_first, Source: Literotica

    (Complete fantasy, and if not interested in descriptions of MMF and MM sex, no need to read further)
    When the doorbell rang, I slid the hand carved stone pipe under a folder on the desk, wondering who might be there, a bit relieved at not having started to enjoy the hashish. The day's plan had included laying out in the sun, the weather being gorgeous, making this a perfect time to start working on this season's tan.
    Getting up, not concerned about my appearance, the long sauna style bathrobe quite modest after closing up the front and tightening the belt. Opening the door, a bit surprised to encounter a woman roughly my age standing there, with an expression that was hard to read, though overlaid with a distinct indignance.
    After saying hello to her, she asked if John was my husband, an unexpected question. Replying "Yes, we are married," her expression shifted a bit, almost relieved that at least she knew who she was talking to. Which was not the case with me, having no idea who she was, or what she wanted.
    She held up her phone to display a picture. My eyes are not well suited for a small screen, especially on a sunny day, so I asked her to step inside. Now, a bit of confusion appeared on her face, likely having not imagined an invitation as a response to her picture. Or mild curiosity being my main attitude, with the image seeming to involve two naked men.
    After taking the phone and looking at it briefly, she said that was not all to show.
    "Not to be rude, but would you care explaining a bit? That seems to be two men 69ing - which men do like to do."
    "I am sure one is your husband."
    "OK, but to be honest, so what? Is the other man your partner?" This was starting to amuse me, as of all the stereotypical sexual scenarios involving another woman and my husband, the odds would favor such a thing happening with me around, even if that had yet to happen. That my husband liked cock sucking was no surprise, but having an unknown woman, with at least one picture, start to talk about it certainly was.
    "Yes he is, and he seems to be have been doing this for a while."
    "This may sound a bit unexpected, but would you like to sit down and have some coffee? Espresso, cafe au lait, cappuccino are all available as you choose."
    Her confusion at this point was almost funny, this very clearly not being how she had imagined the conversation going after showing such a shocking picture. In a way, maybe almost a let down, likely having anticipated and prepared for a very emotional response, of whatever variety.
    Turning with her phone still in my hand, I took a step towards the kitchen as she said cappuccino would be nice. Putting her phone down on the desk, knowing that the pipe was concealed adequately, the fact that the larger screen would make things much easier to see did not need to be emphasized. Both of us somewhere in our 50s, even glasses do not help too much with the fact that so many people use post card sized ...