1. Diablo's Playhouse - Barb's Miami Vacati

    Date: 3/21/2024, Categories: BDSM Lesbian Masturbation / Toys Author: billybonfluer, Source: xHamster

    This is a continuation of a series of stories about Barbara Ann, or Barb, that are on Xhampster. These are written as short stories but the character are re-occurring. To get the full story please read the others from Billybonfluer.Barb’s decent into perversion apparently had no bottom. She had made quite a bit of money, but it didn’t seem to go far. She hadn’t heard from Ann or Amy since Mr. Darrien’s fund raiser. She wondered if the sex, the money, and the perversion was over.Her body had been given as a prize, a reward, a bribe, and a gift to strangers by Bill Todd and Mr. Darrien. She had willingly participated in everything that had been requested of her. There were times when she was uncomfortable and other times that she had felt like a sex goddess. She was unsure if she would continue her relationship with the two men.She had been at home for three weeks. Not having to work, she lounged around and generally chilled out. But as always, just when she was getting bored, the phone rang. It was Bill Todd in his normal, chipper tone. After the normal greetings and how you doing, Barb could not help but ask.“Have you seen Amy or Ann?”“They’ve taken jobs outside the country. I understand they are doing well” was his reply.Bill knew what had happened to the two women. Their beauty had faded with age and although they had been loyal whores over the years, their value had declined. They had been sold to foreign buyers to use as they saw fit. In the end their fate more than likely would be up turning $10 tricks on a side street somewhere in the world.The brevity of his answer made Barb aware this was not a place to go. The less she knew, the better off she was. The men she had associated herself with were generous and pleasant but had a dark side.“We have an offer for you to consider” Bill started. “Mr. D has a house on the east end of Hibiscus Island near Miami Beach. We would love for you to take a vacation there.”“What’s the catch?” asked Barb.“No catch” came the reply. “Mr D would like to pay for you to have some minor cosmetic surgery and it would be a great place to recover.”“If it is so minor, Why would I need to recover?” Barb asked.“Mr. D has a doctor in Miami that specializes in breast sculpture. He not only will enlarge you, he will give you a very natural shape and feel. You are a beautiful woman but he thinks it’s time to improve on that beauty.” stated Bill.“How big do you guys have in mind?” Barb continued her inquiry.“He wants you to have a certain look. He wants you to look like the Playboy Playmate, Cynthia Meyers. She has a set of boobs that are full, and stick out. Mr. D loves that look. He says it is stimulating to see a woman walk and her nipples jiggle”.“What if that is not what I want?” asked Barb.“It’s not important what you want, That’s what Mr. Darrien wants.” Bill said pointedly. He will pay for the surgery. He will pay you $7,000 and you can have an expense paid vacation in Miami.Barb’s first reaction was not positive. ...